John 3:16


The words of this verse occur in Jerusalem,

With Jesus talking with Nicodemus, a member of the ruling council, or Sanhedrin.

He comes to talk with Jesus in the dark of night.

He calls Jesus, Rabbi,

Since Jesus’ miracles have convinced Nicodemus that Jesus is sent from God.

In reply, Jesus answered,

“Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God…

Unless they are born of water and the Spirit.

Flesh gives birth to flesh,

But the Spirit gives birth to spirit.”   John 3:5, 6

John 3:16

Builds upon Jesus’ lesson to Nicodemus:

That belief in Jesus is necessary for eternal life.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son,

That whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  NIV

For God…

Creator of the Universe, Gracious Heavenly Father…

So loved…

With an everlasting LOVE!  Amen!

The world…

Everyone, You included!

Right here, right Now!

No matter what your situation…

How you look…

How you feel…

What you think about yourself…

Or what others say about you…

That He gave…

That which was needed to save us!

Freely without expecting anything in return!

His one and only Son…

Would you be able to do that…I wouldn’t!

I couldn’t!

That whoever…

Even the folks we think aren’t deserving of it!

Believes in Him…

Please, don’t add anything to this!

Not for yourself, and not for anyone else, either!

Nothing else is necessary…

Not even, “How much of the Bible do you know and have memorized?”

Only simple Faith…

And belief in Jesus!

Shall not perish…

Die and go to Hell!

But have eternal life…

With Jesus forever in Heaven!

No wonder people hold up signs, wear crazy rainbow wigs, and try to get on camera at Golf Tournaments, and such!!

It’s a great message!

It’s God’s message for You!

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