Meet Yuki, Our New Siberian! We’re in LOVE!!!


Well…..our 2nd attempt at adopting a new Siberian Husky has been successful!!! Welcome to your forever home, our precious pure white, wolf-looking, almost 2 yr. old, Siberian/Malamute mix doggie!! George & I picked her up at the shelter…& then Casey came home from work to give & get love & kisses!  Her name was Everest, but Casey, gave her 3 other names:  “Maya,” which means water in Hebrew…”Yuki,” which means snow in Japanese…& “Siku,” which means ice in Alaskan.
We’ll call her “Yuki.”  We love her, she’s calm & well-behaved!! We’re all adjusting just fine!!











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  1. Beautiful 😍!! Hey there my beautiful sister! I love the hair color and hairstyle. How are you? How’s the ministry?

    • Thanks, dear Bella!! Doing great!! Drama practices start back up again on Feb. 7th, to get ready for an outdoor Outreach on March 21st, at the church where my son & I taught…& then our Good Friday Drama Outreach at our church on April 10th!! Keeping busy! Hope you are blessed beyond measure!!

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