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Guess Who’s Turning Seven?!?!


Yup, Our Precious Little Girl!!

(a.k.a. Our Crazy Siberian!)

This Is What They Look Like!!


(Photo received through e-mail-photographer unknown)

When they’re puppies!!


(Photo received through e-mail-photographer unknown)

When they have blue eyes!!


When they’re caged!!

11-28-13-Happy Thanksgiving 016

When they’re giving love!!

photo 2(2)

When they’re trying to sneak some Thanksgiving dinner!!

photo 3(1)

When they’re definitely spoiled!!

photo 4(1)

When they want, “More, Please!”

11-28-13-Happy Thanksgiving 023

When they’re part of the family now!!

11-28-13-Happy Thanksgiving 024

Just like another child!!

11-28-13-Happy Thanksgiving 027

When we can’t remember what life was like without her!!

12-31-13 Lasagna 010

Even though she knows she runs the show around here!

12-30-13 Audobon Wildlife Sanctuary 537

Hey, wait a minute…what’s that?!?!

That wasn’t here before!

Is it Christmas, already???

photo 2(5)

And when they turn seven…

And they’ve had a big day!!

Happy Birthday, Crazy Girl!!

We love you soooo much!

Thank you for all the joy and love you give us!

We pray for your health!

12-13-13 Nativity 014

And thank you for taking such good care of us!!


Happy Birthday To Me!!


Today’s My Birthday…

I’m Blessed!!

Here’s What I’ve learned:

1.   Always put God first…

2.   Walk right behind Jesus…

3.   Let Him leadso what you say, and do, always comes from Him…

4.   Don’t walk down the wrong path…

5.   Don’t believe satan’s lies…

6.   The enemy’s plan is to steal, kill, and destroy-you, your family, and your life…

7.   Satan’s tricks lead you down a path of destruction…

8.  Constantly ask yourself, “Will this path I’m walking, bring me closer to Jesus???”

9.   Let Jesus make your crooked path straight…

10.  Love your family and let them know it!

11.  Give the care of your family into the loving arms Jesus…

12.  Teach with patience wherever you go…

13.  Minister, full of the Holy Spirit, and with lots of Love…

14.  Laugh each day, don’t take yourself, or life, too seriously!  God loves to see us “Joyful, Joyful!!”

15.  Encourage everyone you meet to intersect their path with Jesus-their path and His life should meet at the Cross!

16.  Choose your path by  acknowledging Jesus-His will, His lead, and His guidance…

17.  Keep your path clear of clutter, dirt, and debris…

18.  Don’t take detours…

19.  Walk straight to the Gate of Heaven, to the path leading to Jesus…

20.  Don’t fret, worry, or wander-stay on the right path, others are following you, as you follow Jesus!


Jesus is the Way...

Follow the path to Him!