Journal Page #2

So the Dad says to the Mom today, “Hey, there was a clean sock left out on the floor in the laundry room, and “The Hurricane” didn’t steal it, or eat it!”

“Oh,” the Mom says, all excited, “Our little girl is growing up!!!”

“HUMPH!!  Everyone knows, I only like the stinky ones!  Ha!”

Then today, the Mom says, “This is my  life now…

A house that’s always filled with a thin layer of dust, powder, and dog hair!!

“And what am I supposed to do about that???

She should think of it as a thick layer of LOVE!!!”

“These photos were taken when I first came to live with this family!!

You can see how exhausting it was for us!!

Did I tell you about my day at Venice Beach when I was a puppy????

Read the Mom’s Post called “Dog Lovers”

Last week, I brought in my chewy to keep me occupied while the Mom was ironing, instead what I usually like to do…

Which is scratch on her carpet in the bedroom! 

She hates that…

And it causes us to yell and bark at each other…

This maturity on my part excites them!!

She was so excited, that I got a treat!

They’re still not excited about my carrying on in the car…

To the vet’s office, or to the kennel…

I really don’t know why I do that…

But I’m working on it! 


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