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The Christmas Vultures…And Other Christmas Realities!!


1-9-12 012

Here’s an email I sent to my dear cousin in NJ who sent us a lovely “Tour of Italy” basket this Christmas!

“Dearest Cousin!!

Thank you so much!!  We love it!!  Such a wonderful little tour of Italy!!  How lovely!!  So thoughtful of you!!!

I believe it was a beautifully decorated tin with bow, with all boxes filled with goodies, and cellophane intact, but the ‘Christmas Vultures’ in my house…tore open everything while I was at church last night…and by the time I got home, the mixed nuts were devoured by the BIG vulture…and the cheese swirls were gobbled up by the cute little vulture!!

So I had to hide all the chocolates from them…lest I have nothing!  Ha!  And then I dug out the beautiful bow from the discarded box, and place it lovingly back on the gorgeous tin basket around the pasta packages that were miraculously still uneaten!!

I get to open so few gifts…I felt cheated!!

My brother and his wife sent a Texas Yahoo Coffee Cake, and the BIG vulture had a trail of crumbs from the table to his chair…so he couldn’t even deny it was him who tore into it!!  The vultures are instructed to not open any gifts without me ever again!!  Especially those from MY side of the family!  Ha!

Have a Very Merry & Blessed Christmas, Cuzzie!!  Love you so much!  Me”

Her response came quickly!!

“Well, at least you got a little bit of it!!!  Next time I’ll have to have it wrapped in a box with a lock that only you can open!!  (Only kidding, of course.)  There is no way to keep “vultures” out if they want to get in!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas, too!  Love you!  Me”

I laughed so hard I almost couldn’t type back!

“Thanks, Cuzzie…that was my early morning laugh!!!!  I liked your idea of the lock, though!!  The cute little vulture said, ‘I guess I should have taken a photo of it!!!’  Duh…that would have been nice!!  Since his generation takes photos of everything…hence the allure of FB!!  If I make it ’til Christmas, it will be a miracle!  Pray for me!”

Other Christmas Realities!!

I took on too much…

I can’t continue to eat like this…

I stressed too much…

I will never again make all my yearly doctor’s/dentist’s/etc. check-up appointments in December!!

I’m not used to working…

AND doing Christmas!!

It’s been 10 years since I retired!

But Hallelujah…

I did get it all done…

Thank you, Jesus!!

I enjoyed celebrating YOUR Birthday!

And the day after Christmas…

Ahhh…Peace was mine!!

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