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Mom Brown’s Legacy Lives On…


This was written by my dear cousin…

To read at the funeral…

To honor her Mother-in-law…

When she passed from this earth…

into the loving arms of our…

Lord Jesus Christ...

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 “My Mother-in law,

who we called Mom Brown,

touched so many,

 in so many different and amazing ways,

myself included!

I can relate story after story concerning the generosity,

kindness, spiritual wisdom, and guidance

she bestowed on this fast talking,

hard to understand at times,

Jersey Girl.

But I have selected one powerful,

life changing example

that began over 24 years ago,

just after I married her son.

    She gave me a gift,

the first book of many that followed.

It was a book entitled,

My Utmost for His Highest

by Oswald Chambers.

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It is a daily devotional

that has a month and day at the top of each page,

common to most devotionals on the market today.

However, at this time in my life,

I had never purchased one

and was unfamiliar with its true purpose.

I started reading it daily on July 1, 1989

and when I completed the June 30th reading a year later,

I stored it on my library shelf,

feeling a sense of accomplishment

that I had made my way through a year of these very deep

and complicated writings by a man who lived in the nineteenth century.

A few weeks later, Mom asked me

if I was reading the book she gave me.

I replied,

“Yes, I finished it and placed it on my library shelf for safe keeping.”

I have to admit, her response set me back a bit.

She said, “Oh, no,

you have to keep reading it,

year after year,

and each year it will mean something different to you

and you will understand it better and better,

as the years pass.”

The thought of getting the book off the shelf

and reading it again really didn’t appeal to me.

However, the excitement and enthusiasm in her reply

motivated me to give it a shot.

     This book has become one of my most prized possessions.

I carry it on every trip I take,

and read it every day.

And you know what?

Mom Brown was absolutely,

positively right!

Each year it provides more incite into the woman who gave it to me

and her best friend,


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My husband and I started reading it together,

most likely around 1999.

I don’t know why it took me 10 years to start sharing it with him,

but maybe it was because I understood the passages more and more

and realized,

“You don’t keep something so special to yourself!”

We both read it every morning still to this day.

However, because my copy has a broken binding

and many pages are loose and on occasion fall to the floor,

and also because there are so many of my written notes covering the pages;

My husband purchased his own leather bound copy several years ago.

He realized I was never replacing mine.

We have grown so much spiritually, both individually and together as a couple,

thanks to our dear departed Mom

who read this book every day of her life for over 40 years

and lived the scriptures quoted in it to the max!

I have been so blessed to have known her

and to have her influence in my life.”

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  Proverbs 1:8

…and do not forsake your mother’s teachings.

They will be a garland to grace your head

and a chain to adorn your neck.

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 “I always keep extra copies on hand to pass out to others.

I have several with me today

and if anyone would like one of these books,

please take it before you leave.

I would like you to think of it,

not as a gift from me,

     but instead a gift from Mom Brown…

  so her legacy can live on!

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