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I’m Filled With Thanksgiving…Thank You For Giving, Lord!


11-25-13 Gulf Breeze 431

2 Corinthians 9:15

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!”

Ephesians 5:20

“…always giving thanks to God the Father for everything,

in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

11-10-13 Outreach at The Palms 005

Lord, Thank You…

For Your promises…

 Your awesome scenery…

For finding me…

And for giving me life…

So I can serve You!

11-23-13 walk 133

Psalm 145:2

“Every day I will praise You   

and extol Your Name for ever and ever.”

11-11-13 Walk 059

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

“Rejoice always,

pray continually,

give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

11-23-13 walk 077

Colossians 3:17

“And whatever you do,

whether in word or deed,

do it all in the Name of the Lord Jesus,

giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

11-17-13 Walk 156

Psalm 100:4-5

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving   

and His courts with praise;   

give thanks to Him and praise His Name.

For the Lord is good and His love endures forever;   

His faithfulness continues through all generations.”

11-25-13 Gulf Breeze 066

Give thanks for who He is…

And what He’s done for us…

11-23-13 walk 051

Psalm 106:1

“Praise the Lord.

Give thanks to the Lord,

for He is good;   

His love endures forever.”

11-20-13 Birds! 051

Jesus gave everything…

He held nothing back…

Don’t take this for granted…

Value what He’s done for you…

Respond to His extraordinary love…

With heartfelt Thanksgiving!

11-25-13 Gulf Breeze 055

Don’t be stingy in your devotion…

Give your all, too!

Mark 14:8

“She did what she could.

She poured perfume on My body beforehand

to prepare for my burial.”

11-25-13 Gulf Breeze 040

John 6:35

“Then Jesus declared, 

‘I am the bread of life.

Whoever comes to Me will never go hungry,

and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty.'”

11-25-13 Gulf Breeze 072

Matthew 25:40

“…Truly I tell you,

whatever you did for one of the least

of these brothers and sisters of mine,

you did for me.”

11-25-13 Gulf Breeze 071


Thank You for giving Your life…

So I could live…

And be alive in You!

11-25-13 Gulf Breeze 045

 When I consider my list of people and things to be thankful for…


You’re at  the top of my list!!

11-25-13 Gulf Breeze 414

Isaiah 11:6

“…and a little child will lead them.”

11-20-13 Birds! 026

Well, I thank God we’re not TURKEYS!!!

11-24-13 walk-Big birds 084

Amen to that!!

11-25-13 Gulf Breeze 049

My Savior!! Loves! Lives! My God!! He Was! He Is!


7-19-13 Naples 030

7-27-13 Walk 053

We’re not skilled to understand…

God’s will and His plan…

Only know at His right hand…

Stands the One who is your Savior!!

Take Him at His word and deed…

Christ died to save you, you can read…

In your heart there is a need…

For Him to be your Savior!!

He left His place on high…

To die for sinful man…

Seemed strange…

Before I knew my Savior

My Savior Loves!

My Savior Lives!

My Savior’s always there for me!

My God He Was!

My God He Is!

My God He’s always gonna be!

He who lives to be my King…

Once died to be my Savior!!

7-17-13 Calvary & Gilchrist 010

Zephaniah 3:17

“For the Lord your God is living among you.   

He is a mighty Savior.

He will take delight in you with gladness.   

With His love, He will calm all your fears.   

He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.”

7-17-13 Calvary & Gilchrist 013

Romans 8:29-30

“For God knew His people in advance,

and He chose them to become like His Son,

so that His Son would be the firstborn

among many brothers and sisters.

And having chosen them,

He called them to come to Him.

And having called them,

He gave them right standing with Himself.

And having given them right standing,

He gave them His glory.”

7-15-13 Walk 007

Romans 8:38-39

“For I am convinced

that neither death nor life,

neither angels nor demons,

neither the present nor the future,

nor any powers,

neither height nor depth,

nor anything else in all creation,

will be able to separate us

from the love of God

that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

7-19-13 Naples 026

Jesus is our Savior.

Nothing can separate us from His great work on the Cross…

From His love!

That truth…

That promise…

Is at the core of who we are as Christians!!

7-19-13 Naples 027


Thank You for Your Abundant Love

Displayed through Your Sacrificial Life

So the God Who Was

Is Now Our God Who Is!

7-19-13 Naples 028

Jeremiah 32:17

“Ah, Sovereign Lord,

You have made the Heavens and the earth

by your great power

and outstretched arm.

Nothing is too hard for You.”

7-27-13 Walk 062

Romans 4:21

“He was fully convinced that

God is able to do whatever He promises.”

7-27-13 Walk 061




Our friends from church,


Mike and Janene Harper and their family (Brittany, Bethany, and Nataley)

are in Nicaragua working with

YWAM (Youth With A Mission)

for about 10 days.

Many in our church family have helped sponsor and support them

on their last couple of trips.

Our Pastor shared last Sunday

about being the “Salt & Light” of the World…

Now they’re sharing the Light of Christ in Nicaragua.

He asked for prayer for them and the team that is there,

along with the country they’re serving…

Prayer for their safety,

for the people there who do not know Jesus,

and that lives will be forever changed!

Here’s the latest update from the Harper’s

and it’s truly amazing to read.

“Boy, are we beat!


We spent yesterday in the town of Masatepe learning the town.


We began prayer-walks all over the city that we’ll distribute Bibles in.


They’re hard covered whole Bibles,


and the people are so excited we’re coming.



The churches were asked to respond, if they wanted to help.


Over 35 churches and 180 people responded! 




Today our 4 teams of 12 will start distribution.


My team will be at the construction site


and at the YWAM base, building a home,


 and working on updating the base.


This town is Dirambe. 


It’s a very poor area,


where the base started its vision in 1996


of getting a Bible into the hands of every Nicaraguan family by 2020.


This first city reached, has seen dramatic changes in crime and violence.


They have become a city with Hope!


 They love Jesus!


And now reach other cities!


I can’t wait to visit this city again.


Kelly, the director, should be there today.


 He has been a missionary in Nicaragua


through YWAM for a long time.


We’ve worked with him before,


so it’s nice to know a face there.


The YWAM school we are considering is his school.


It’s a bilingual school.


 My husband, Mike, preached last night


for about half an hour


on the importance of relationship with Christ,


and allowing that overflow to pour out to others.


The Nicas “Amend-ed” and agreed! 


He had a translator, who is our team leader.


She’s from Spain.


Her name is Gail.


They worked great together.


The church was an Assembly of God.


It was a whopping 1 1/2 hour worship time.




We sang,


‘Open The Eyes Of My Heart, Lord’


in English and Spanish




How it pleases God’s heart to hear our worship!!

 We’re all still well, so far.

We’ve eaten many foods and styles of foods.

It was hard on the tummy at first,

but it’s getting better.

We’ve had an amazing several days.

God’s given the girls great boldness in witnessing.

We’ve been distributing Bibles with churches.

My team has 2 precious Nica ladies.

They helped me lead a family

to Jesus, who

they had never even heard of.

I got to tell them the whole story.

They cried,

and were excited to give their lives to Christ.

When we left,

we saw them reading the Bible already.


Their names were taken down by the local church,

who saw many families already added to their numbers.

The church had new people show up for the Wednesday service to hear more.

The Pastor could not stop thanking us,

and the people in America who sent us.

It put feet to the ministry God started for him.

Some locals and our team ministered at the dump with about 100 children.

I met Eduardo (an 8-year-old boy) there,

and again God allowed my heart to break.

Oh, my heart!

We fed them and played with them.

It was such a day!

I so could have packed him up and kept him.

I could have kept all of them!

Today was distribution and school ministry.

The Principal allowed us to minister to 250-300 kids.

This was a public school!

It was unheard of before.

We went from class to class with the Gospel.

Only God allowed such favor!

We talked to the children about how the world labels us,

and how Jesus cuts those labels off,

and calls us His children!

Each of us spoke.

Brittany gave the Gospel to high schoolers.

What boldness!

Please keep praying.

When I felt very low and overtired,

I prayed,

and God revealed to me

that there are so many lifting us to the Father

right at that moment!

I so needed that.

Thank you for agreeing to do that for us.

We love you

and thank you all for believing in this mission.

Live from Nicaragua (Tuesday PM)

“Today was a very long day for us,

but we saw God do great things.

We had the privilege of teaming up with several local churches

to hand out Bibles door to door.

We told many people the Gospel,

encouraged them to read their shiny, new Bibles,

and laid hands on the sick.

Many gave their lives to God!

In spite of our poor attempts at the Spanish language,

God still used us to do great things!

Later in the day, 

we went to one of the city dumps,

where many families live by digging through the garbage for their food and belongings.

One person said it well, 

‘It was hard for us to take, but it was well received by them.’ 

We fed them,

demonstrated God’s love for them,

and made them feel important.

Here, many consider them ‘garbage.’ 

Yesterday, we helped build a house for a needy family,

did some much needed painting at the YWAM base here in Nicaragua,

and did street ministry.

We are definitely not sitting around wasting time

and, as you can see, neither is God!! 

He is answering your prayers,

working in our hearts

and moving in Nicaragua! 

He is a great God to say the least!!

Love, Janene and familia”


Please pray for our friends…

For the children and people of Nicaragua…

That Jesus would become real to them!!

Isaiah 52:7

“How beautiful on the mountains  

are the feet of those who bring good news,

who proclaim peace,   

who bring good tidings,   

who proclaim salvation,

who say to Zion,   

‘Your God reigns!'”



Power Failure???


There’s never a power failure with God!

Unlike in Florida…

Where we experience power failures all the time…

Like today…

The sun was shining…

It was beautiful outside…

And our power went out!!

We’re used to it in hurricanes and lightning storms…

Prepared for it even…

But, I wasn’t prepared for a power outage today…


I can’t live without it!

I was on the computer…

The internet went down…

Digital clocks were blinking…

The security alarm was beeping…

My hubby was watching his beloved Yankees…

And now nothing!

My son was getting ready to go out…

But can’t use the hair dryer…

Life just stands still a moment…

Or two, Or three…

I quickly forget we have no power…

I’m so used to having it available!!!!

 I go to turn on a light…

I go to microwave something…

I know I’ll freak out soon…

When I realize…

The air conditioning is dying!!!!


Oh, wait!

Thank You, Jesus!!!!!!

Here it comes…

The power is back…

Oh, Praise God!!

I know I need all Your power, too, Lord!

All the power Your Word says I have in Christ!

Power in Your Holy Name, Jesus!

And the power of Your Holy Spirit living in me!!

Thank You, God!!

You’ve never failed me yet!!!

7-10-13 Walk & Gilchrist 024

Luke 24:49

“I am going to send you what My Father has promised;

but stay in the city until you

have been clothed with power from on high.”

7-8-13 Laishley Park 032

John 1:12-13

“Yet to all who did receive Him,

to those who believed in His Name,

He gave the right to become children of God

children…born of God.”

7-8-13 Laishley Park 080

Romans 15:13

“May the God of Hope

fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him,

so that you may overflow with hope

by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

7-8-13 Laishley Park 081

1 Corinthians 4:20

“For the Kingdom of God is not in word,

but in power.”

7-8-13 Laishley Park 083

You can count on God’s Power!

Sing And Dance To This Song Every Day!!!!


According to Bryan Duncan, his song, I See You is a grateful acknowledgement of God’s presence and participation in our lives.

“My wife does this thing throughout the day,” says Bryan Duncan.  “She’ll be working at something and out of the blue she’ll just stop, point to the sky and say ‘I see you!’  I had to smile because it is such a great example of being in the moment with God.  I don’t see that kind of acknowledgement of God very often.  It seemed like the perfect idea for a song.  The expression ‘I See You Moment’ is used to recognize a specific example of God at work.  Saying, that’s an ‘I See You Moment’ is a way of recognizing God’s blessing, redirection or other involvement in your situation.”


I see You watching over me, every day another way
That I can see Your love
I see You lookin’ out for me, all I wanna do is
Thank You!  Thank You!
Under a bridge, or up on a mountain
See You in everything, like stars I’m countin’
On streets of gold, or just mud and gravel
You’re always with me on this road I travel
The straight and narrow goes up and down
There ain’t a place for me to turn around in
But I can make it ’cause You’re waving me through
I see the signs that I do, and I do, I find You
I see You watching over me every day another way
That I can see Your love
I see You lookin’ out for me, all I wanna do is
Thank You!  Thank You!
That’s right
Thank You!  Thank You!
Help I can use, or none to speak of
No way I’m gonna lose, I trust in Your love
Whatever comes I’d rather face it all together
I see a clue, know it’s You, and I remember
I see You watching over me, every day another way
That I can see Your love
I see You lookin’ out for me, all I wanna do is
Thank You!  Thank You!
Thank You!  Thank You!
(In ways no one can see) Ways no one can see
(To show no one but me) Show no one but me
(Remind me that you’re here) Remind me, Lord
When all things are possible, but not so easy
I see You watching over me, every day another way
That I can see Your love
I see You lookin’ out for me, all I wanna do is
Thank You!  Thank You!
I see You watching over me, every day another way
That I can see Your love
I see You lookin’ out for me, all I wanna do is
Thank You!  Thank You!
I see You watching over me, every day another way
That I can see Your love
I see You lookin’ out for me, all I wanna do is
Thank You!  Thank You!
Thank You!  Thank You!
Thank You!  Thank You!
Thank You!  Thank You!
Thank You!!

Psalm 121:7

“The Lord will keep you from all harm—    

He will watch over your life;

 The Lord will watch over your coming and going    

Both now and forevermore”

Yes, Lord, I See You!!!
Every day…
In every way!!

Stage 2 Improv…You Got Me Out Of My Funk!! Ha!


I Love You!

And apparently others do, too!

 Extended by popular demand!

Thursday to Saturday-8 pm

July 11th-13th, July 18th-20th, and July 25th-27th


I went down on Friday night with my son to see the show a second time…

Hubby stayed home this time ’cause it was too late for him..

I finished a long day of summer cleaning….


Rushed to get ready…

We’re meeting friends there…

He had rehearsal, so I went backstage with my son…

 We peeked into the other theater, and saw a dress rehearsal for Les Miserables!

Talked to cast members, watched them putting on makeup, rearranging chairs and stuff…

They got kicked out of the hallway, because it’s a fire hazard to be there…

Since the cast from Les Miserables took over the dressing room!

Then, I went to get my ticket, and chill before the show…

(No complimentary ticket from my son for the second time!  Ha!)

Got to the box office, and said to the nice lady…

“I’d like one ticket please.”

She looked at me so sweetly and said,“Sold out!”


I thought she was kidding!

“It’s a very good thing,”

She said…

“Of course it is, I understand that, but…

“My son’s in this show!”

I whined…

Gee, doesn’t that mean anything???

The sweet lady at the box office was sympathetic, but helpless to help me…

So I did what any mature person would do…

I sulked!!

I walked backstage to tell my son I wasn’t going to get to see his show…

The director said…

“Do you want to be in the show???”

This is why these people are so funny!!

They say crazy stuff like that!

I was so desperate, I almost said,


‘Til my sanity came back…

And I quietly sat down on a couch in the lobby…

And read my Kindle!

I’ve been reading a great book by Pastor Bill Johnson…


When Heaven Invades Earth

It’s an awesome book…

About having dominion from God to take authority over the enemy…

In all situations…

Knowing we have the authority in Christ Jesus, and then using it!


But I just couldn’t concentrate…

I thought…

“Well, I rode an hour and a half with my son to get here….

  Cut my summer cleaning time short (okay, that’s pushing it…really!!)

And now I’m going to have to find something else to do in Naples for 2 and a half hours!”

No problem!

It’s a beautiful area…

I have my Kindle…

I have my camera…

I can walk up and down 5th Avenue…

Looking in shops…

Going to Starbucks…

Taking photos…

While mingling with the tourists…

It will be a piece of cake!!


I want to see the show again!!

Woe is me 😦

The box office lady told me to come back at 8 pm…

But, she warned me she had no hopes for me getting a ticket!

So, I shut down the Kindle at 7:30 pm…

Went to the bathroom…

And prayed!!

“Dear Jesus…


I don’t want anyone to be sick, or have a car accident, or anything…

But, if someone simply could not use their ticket…

I would so appreciate it!!”

I was really in a bad funk!

First, from working all year, so that my house is a total wreck…

And I was cleaning all day to try to make a little dent into the major overhaul it needs…

And now, I’m going to miss my son in this show that makes me laugh so hard…

That I can forget my funk!!

My dejected, sulking mood…

So, I kinda just slowly walked to the box office…

And the lovely box office lady looked up at me…

And whispered…

“See that couple???

They don’t have two tickets…

So they might want to sell one…

I can’t get involved…

But, if you want to talk to them, go ahead!!”

“Yes, Yes, Yes!”

I say…

The wife had gone inside to tell someone, that they’re not coming in to see the show…

The husband says…

“It’s her ticket I have to wait ’til she comes out!”

More praying…

Dear Jesus!!

More waiting…

Then out she comes…

Looks at the dear box office lady…

And says…

“Yea, go ahead, do whatever you want with the ticket!”

Box office lady looks at me…

And I say to the pretty lady…

“Can I buy the ticket from you?”

And the lovely, beautifully dressed lady…

Says, as she and her husband walk away…

“No, just take it!!”

“Thank you, Thank you!”

I say…


And Yippee!!

Praise God!

There ya go, enemy!!!

How’s that for answered prayer!!

And taking dominion over my situation!


I proudly…

I mean proudly!!!

Walked to the stage  door up to the ticket collector…

And presented my favor from God!!

When she gave me back my ticket stub…

I practically danced to my seat!

Don’t you just love God for His goodness?!?

The show was amazing!

  I laughed and laughed…

Our friends laughed and laughed…

All the people in the audience…

And the adorable 3rd grade little girl siting next to me…

  Laughed and laughed…

One our friends was called up on stage to do sound effects for whatever the cast was acting out…

Very funny stuff!

Oh, you should go…

I highly recommend it!!

Go see it!!

It’s different every time!

The cast is remarkable…

They play off each other so well!

You’ll love the directors, too!!

But, make sure you go on-line first….


‘Cause they’re selling out each night!

After the show…

We all went to Fridays for a bite to eat…

They’re truly a “fun” group!

Two of our friends from Sarasota joined us at Fridays…

When we were done eating….

They left shortly before we did…

It was already late, and they had a longer ride home…

After we got on the road, they called…

  They had a flat tire and were stuck on the side of highway!

We found them and stopped to help…

  But, soon realized that not one of us knew how to change a tire!!

My cop husband says it’s dangerous to do that, anyway…

People get killed…

Our friend’s Dad told her to just leave the car, have us drive her to the next exit, and get off the highway…

So again, I’m praying….

“Lord, please do not allow a creepy person to stop to help us…

Please give us traveling mercies and keep us safe!”

Just then…

A state trooper came up behind us with his flashing lights on…

  To ask us if we were having trouble!!

An angel…

He had to check on another car, but would come right back…



 My husband’s a retired cop…

So, of course, we called him and woke him up at 12:30 pm at night…

Only seems right, huh???

But he doesn’t believe us…

Because he’s NEVER EVER heard of a state trooper changing a tire!!!

The trooper had a jack and that air pump thing to inflate the spare tire…


My husband couldn’t believe it!!

This “take-dominion-stuff” really works…

Thank you, Jesus!!

Oh, God, You are good!

It was not an easy job…

The trooper worked long and hard because the tire was in shreds and difficult to get off…

He was oh, so close to the line separating the highway with speeding cars, and the shoulder…

I just felt compelled to pray again…

“Dear God, please keep this trooper safe…

Don’t let him get hit by a car while helping us!”

Actually, in FL, a new law states that you must pull into another lane if you see a a police car with lights flashing…

Awesome, what a great law!!

Our friend got her spare tire out, and the trooper finished the rescue…

He told my son that not too many other troopers are set up to change tires…

Angel in disguise!

He said she should be able to get 150 miles on the spare if she drove 5o miles per hour…

It was already late…

And the girl who drove down with her, had to be at work at 7 am…

So she slept through the whole thing in the back seat!

Well, I slept ’til 11:30 am that morning…

And I feel great!

God is good!

The show was great!

And I’m out of my funk!!


Gotta go and check on our friend to see if she got home yet!!

Carry Me…I’m Just A Dead Man!


“So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin

and alive to God in Christ Jesus.

Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body,

to make you obey its passions.”

Romans 6:11-12

“What shall we say, then?

Shall we go on sinning

so that grace may increase?

By no means!

We died to sin;

how can we live in it any longer?

Or don’t you know that all of us

who were baptized into Christ Jesus

were baptized into His death? 

Romans 6:1-3

January 1…

I’ve got a lot of things on my mind…
I’m looking at my body through a new spy satellite…
Try to lift a finger, but I don’t think I can make the call…
So tell me if I move, ’cause I don’t feel anything at all…

“But if Christ is in you,

your body is dead because of sin,

yet your spirit is alive

because of righteousness.” 

Romans 8:10

So Carry Me…
I’m just a dead man…
Lying on the carpet…
Can’t find a heartbeat…
Make me breathe…
I want to be a new man!
Tired of the old one…
Out with the old plan…

“For as in Adam all die,

so in Christ all will be made alive.”

1 Corinthians 15:22

I woke up from a dream about an empty funeral…
But it was better than the party full of people I don’t really know…
They’ve got hearts to break and burn…
Dirty hands to feel the earth…
There’s something in my veins…
But I can’t seem to make it work…

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,

he is a new creation;

the old has gone,

the new has come!”

2 Corinthians 5:17

Can you find a beat inside of me?
Any pulse?
Getting worse?
Inside of me, can you find a beat?

“But because of His great love for us,


who is rich in mercy,

made us alive with Christ

even when we were dead in transgressions-

it is by grace you have been saved.”

Ephesians 2:4-5

Thank You for carrying me…

I’m dead inside without You, Lord!!

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 036

You’re The Reason For Every Good Thing!


It’s A Beautiful Life You Give!!

“John replied,

‘No one can receive anything

unless God gives it from Heaven.'”

John 3:27

“If you, then, though you are evil,

know how to give good gifts to your children,

how much more will your Father in Heaven

give good gifts to those who ask Him!”

Matthew 7:11

Busier than you should be???

Time won’t wait!

Don’t forget…

Or take it for granted!

I’s a beautiful life we live!!

Don’t want to miss a moment!

It’s a beautiful life You give!

You’re the reason for:

Every good thing…

Every heartbeat…

Every day we get to breathe…

Anything that lasts…

Every second chance…

Every laugh!!

Oh, Life is so sweet!

There will be days…

That give me more than I can take…

Jesus, make beauty from my heartache…

It’s our family…

It’s our friends…

It’s the feeling we get when we see our children smile!!

This life…

Everything we love…

It’s You alive in us!

You’re alive in us!!

Yes, You are…

You’re here in every moment…

You’re every good thing…

That’s ever happened to ME!!!

5-22-13 Gilchrist 160

“Every good and perfect gift is from above,

coming down from the Father of the Heavenly lights,

who does not change like shifting shadows.”

James 1:17

5-22-13 Gilchrist 159

“Now the God of Peace,

who brought up from the dead

the great Shepherd of the sheep 

through the blood of the eternal covenant,

even Jesus our Lord,

equip you in every good thing to do His will,

working in us that which is pleasing in His sight,

through Jesus Christ,

to whom be the Glory forever and ever.


Hebrews 13:20-21

Say This Every Morning!!


Thank You! Thank You!

1 Chronicles 29:13


our God,

we give You thanks,

and praise Your Glorious Name.”

Lord, even while I’m drinking my morning coffee…

All I can do is thank You for this life…

I never deserved!

Thank You for the grace…

I know I don’t have to earn!


It would have been easy for You to walk away!


You love me…

You love me…

Your mercy is proof…

All I can do is…

Say, “Thank You!”

Such a beautiful world…

It brings tears to my eyes…

So beautiful to be free!!

Thank You…

For love…

For hope…

For all Your ways…

For everything You do!

What else can I say???


Thank You!  Thank You!

1 Chronicles 16:8

“Give thanks to the LORD,

call on His name;

make known among the nations

what He has done.”

2-5-13 Lanai 001

1 Chronicles 16:34

“Give thanks to the LORD,

for He is good;

His love endures forever.”