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Our friends from church,


Mike and Janene Harper and their family (Brittany, Bethany, and Nataley)

are in Nicaragua working with

YWAM (Youth With A Mission)

for about 10 days.

Many in our church family have helped sponsor and support them

on their last couple of trips.

Our Pastor shared last Sunday

about being the “Salt & Light” of the World…

Now they’re sharing the Light of Christ in Nicaragua.

He asked for prayer for them and the team that is there,

along with the country they’re serving…

Prayer for their safety,

for the people there who do not know Jesus,

and that lives will be forever changed!

Here’s the latest update from the Harper’s

and it’s truly amazing to read.

“Boy, are we beat!


We spent yesterday in the town of Masatepe learning the town.


We began prayer-walks all over the city that we’ll distribute Bibles in.


They’re hard covered whole Bibles,


and the people are so excited we’re coming.



The churches were asked to respond, if they wanted to help.


Over 35 churches and 180 people responded! 




Today our 4 teams of 12 will start distribution.


My team will be at the construction site


and at the YWAM base, building a home,


 and working on updating the base.


This town is Dirambe. 


It’s a very poor area,


where the base started its vision in 1996


of getting a Bible into the hands of every Nicaraguan family by 2020.


This first city reached, has seen dramatic changes in crime and violence.


They have become a city with Hope!


 They love Jesus!


And now reach other cities!


I can’t wait to visit this city again.


Kelly, the director, should be there today.


 He has been a missionary in Nicaragua


through YWAM for a long time.


We’ve worked with him before,


so it’s nice to know a face there.


The YWAM school we are considering is his school.


It’s a bilingual school.


 My husband, Mike, preached last night


for about half an hour


on the importance of relationship with Christ,


and allowing that overflow to pour out to others.


The Nicas “Amend-ed” and agreed! 


He had a translator, who is our team leader.


She’s from Spain.


Her name is Gail.


They worked great together.


The church was an Assembly of God.


It was a whopping 1 1/2 hour worship time.




We sang,


‘Open The Eyes Of My Heart, Lord’


in English and Spanish




How it pleases God’s heart to hear our worship!!

 We’re all still well, so far.

We’ve eaten many foods and styles of foods.

It was hard on the tummy at first,

but it’s getting better.

We’ve had an amazing several days.

God’s given the girls great boldness in witnessing.

We’ve been distributing Bibles with churches.

My team has 2 precious Nica ladies.

They helped me lead a family

to Jesus, who

they had never even heard of.

I got to tell them the whole story.

They cried,

and were excited to give their lives to Christ.

When we left,

we saw them reading the Bible already.


Their names were taken down by the local church,

who saw many families already added to their numbers.

The church had new people show up for the Wednesday service to hear more.

The Pastor could not stop thanking us,

and the people in America who sent us.

It put feet to the ministry God started for him.

Some locals and our team ministered at the dump with about 100 children.

I met Eduardo (an 8-year-old boy) there,

and again God allowed my heart to break.

Oh, my heart!

We fed them and played with them.

It was such a day!

I so could have packed him up and kept him.

I could have kept all of them!

Today was distribution and school ministry.

The Principal allowed us to minister to 250-300 kids.

This was a public school!

It was unheard of before.

We went from class to class with the Gospel.

Only God allowed such favor!

We talked to the children about how the world labels us,

and how Jesus cuts those labels off,

and calls us His children!

Each of us spoke.

Brittany gave the Gospel to high schoolers.

What boldness!

Please keep praying.

When I felt very low and overtired,

I prayed,

and God revealed to me

that there are so many lifting us to the Father

right at that moment!

I so needed that.

Thank you for agreeing to do that for us.

We love you

and thank you all for believing in this mission.

Live from Nicaragua (Tuesday PM)

“Today was a very long day for us,

but we saw God do great things.

We had the privilege of teaming up with several local churches

to hand out Bibles door to door.

We told many people the Gospel,

encouraged them to read their shiny, new Bibles,

and laid hands on the sick.

Many gave their lives to God!

In spite of our poor attempts at the Spanish language,

God still used us to do great things!

Later in the day, 

we went to one of the city dumps,

where many families live by digging through the garbage for their food and belongings.

One person said it well, 

‘It was hard for us to take, but it was well received by them.’ 

We fed them,

demonstrated God’s love for them,

and made them feel important.

Here, many consider them ‘garbage.’ 

Yesterday, we helped build a house for a needy family,

did some much needed painting at the YWAM base here in Nicaragua,

and did street ministry.

We are definitely not sitting around wasting time

and, as you can see, neither is God!! 

He is answering your prayers,

working in our hearts

and moving in Nicaragua! 

He is a great God to say the least!!

Love, Janene and familia”


Please pray for our friends…

For the children and people of Nicaragua…

That Jesus would become real to them!!

Isaiah 52:7

“How beautiful on the mountains  

are the feet of those who bring good news,

who proclaim peace,   

who bring good tidings,   

who proclaim salvation,

who say to Zion,   

‘Your God reigns!'”



Dead Lizard!! Dead Lizard!!


12-12-12 102

I had the most amazing conversation with a little boy on a bicycle, while I was taking a walk around my neighborhood last week!

I was just past the new construction site I told you about in a precious post…

Haven’t Seen One Of These Around Here In A While!!”

12-22-12 053

12-26-12 005

12-26-12 011

I was listening to my inspirational Gospel tunes on my iPod, and thinking…

“Things are progressing nicely at the construction site!”

My Dad was a carpenter, so every step in the building process interests me!

I remember as kids, my Dad would ride us by every house he had built, and proudly say, “I built that house!”

I perhaps didn’t appreciate it then, but after having built all our houses over the years…

I appreciate it now…

Great job, Dad!!


Suddenly,  this little boy, perhaps 6 or 7 years old, came barreling at me on his bicycle…

While I was thinking, reminiscing, and listening to my music…

Shouting, “Dead Lizard!!  Dead Lizard!!”

I pulled out one ear bud…

And said, “What!?!”

He repeated it again!

“Dead Lizard!!  Dead Lizard!!”

“Where?”  I said…

He pointed up ahead…

“Want to see it?” he asked…

“Of course!” I said…

I just love kids!!  Don’t you???

I see people on my walks all the time…

Mostly those walking their dogs…

I don’t walk mine, my husband does that…

Because my crazy Siberian pulls my arm out of its socket!

It’s not a calm walk!!  Ha!!

Anyway, I talk to a lot of people on my walks, pet their dogs, say “Have a nice day,” etc.

And not once has anyone said anything as amazing as,

“Dead Lizard!!  Dead Lizard!!”

That’s why I love kids!!

So the kid on the bicycle turned his bike in the direction I was walking…

And raced to show me the way to the dead lizard you see in the photo!!

Soon, he turned back to me as I was apparently following too slowly!

“Come on!” he said…

“Can’t you run???”

Apparently he doesn’t understand age!  Ha!

So I walked a little faster to please him!

When we got to the dead lizard…

He proudly pointed to it, and said, “There it is!”

“Ahh,” I said.

“You’re right, it’s definitely dead, alright!

How do you think it died?” I asked…

“Did you run over it with your bike???”

In FL, little lizards run back and forth, and in front and around you all the time…

I remember when we came to FL for vacation, before we moved here, when my son was young…

That he went to grab one, and it let go of its tail to get away…

My son started crying, thinking he had killed it…

But we explained to him that it’s their defense mechanism…

And they can grow their tail back again!

Quite amazing little creatures, these “Lizzies!!”

So the little boy on the bicycle says…

“No, I didn’t run it over…

I found it this way!!”

I’m glad I came along for him to share his “find” with!!  Ha!

After we looked at it for awhile, I said…

“Merry Christmas, and thanks for showing me the dead lizard!”

And he turned to ride back the way he was going, and I continued on my walk…

Quickly though, he had another thought and said…

“When you go around the corner and see a black truck…

That’s my Dad’s truck…

Say to him, ‘Bryson said, Hi!'”

“Oh, you live around the corner?” I asked…

“We’re renting!” he said…

“Okay, I’ll tell him!”  I said as I continued walking…

He turned his bike around, and sped off ahead of me, to make sure I gave his Dad the correct message…

And beat me there!

Sure enough, there was his Dad washing his black truck!

So I said, “I’m supposed to tell you that Bryson said Hi!”

He laughed, that laugh that’s says, “Yup, I know my kid and that’s exactly what he’d say!!”

Bryson called to his Dad, “We saw a dead lizard!!”

His Dad said, “Great!

And Bryson, remember, stay where I can see you!”

While doing the “I’m-watching-you” motions…

“I know  that, Dad,” he replied…

And then he pedaled away, but on his own block this time!

So I said, “Merry Christmas, Bryson”

And he said, “You already said that!”

Yes, he’s right…I did!

Dear Jesus…how can anyone hurt a child???

Haven’t Seen One Of These Around Here In A While!!


11-25-12 Kids Chruch 044

First, ruts in the mud…

11-25-12 Kids Chruch 045

Made by tire tracks digging in…

12-12-12 Walk construction site 001

And then a Porta-Potty!!

12-12-12 Walk construction site 002

On a New Construction Site!!



Is Back!!

The economy is slowly picking up again!!

Never thought I’d be happy…

To see a Porta-Potty…

On my walk around my…

Usually lush, green neighborhood…

But, it just goes to show you…

That everything is relative!

Not a very pretty sight…


The Porta-Potty means building is going on…

In our spiritual lives…

Building’s going on all the time!

Listen to:

“You Build Us Back” by the Newsboys

Here are the lyrics…

“We’ve been crumbled…

We’ve been crushed…

City walls have turned to dust!

Broken hands…

And blistered feet…

We walk for miles to find relief!

When the thief takes…

When our hopes cave…

You Build Us Back!

When the earth shakes…

When the world breaks…

You Build Us Back!

We are scared…

We are poor…

All our safety nets are torn!

We’ve been humbled to our knees…

From these ruins…

We believe!


Redeem us!


Restore us!

Oh! Build Us Back!

Though the mountains be shaken…

The hills be removed…

Your unfailing love remains!

After all that’s been taken…

Your promise…

Still sacred!

You Build Us Back…

With precious stones!”

Build Us Back, Lord!

And Our Economy, too!  Amen!

Nov. 18th, 2010 007