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Crisis Averted!


Yup, Isaac’s headed our way!!!  Even if it skirts the west coast of FL…we’re on the wrong side of the storm!

Praying it goes further into the Gulf, & then dissipates!!

Our shutters are all up…my husband and son are bringing in all our lanai furniture right now…they cleaned out our old dog’s pen area outside of things that could be projectiles…we have waters, food, medicnines, dog food, etc  all ready!

We probably won’t have work on Monday.  Pray for the electricity to hold, so we’ll have AC…& water!  And internet would be nice, too!


On top of all that, my precious Siberian had a very scary seizure last night around midnight…

My son was asleep…and heard some loud scratching noises that sounded to him like hail!!

He got up to find our Husky flailing violently and foaming (drooling?) from her mouth!


We didn’t have a clue what to do!

My husband tried to see if she was choking on something, so he stuck his finger down her throat, & she bit him!

He’s bleeding all over the place…screaming out (policeman-type) orders!  “Turn on the lights, see if she ate something, find this, go get that!!”  Etc., etc., etc.!!

All this…and I had just fallen asleep, gotten awakened suddenly, and couldn’t even think!

I rushed to get the vet’s number…my eyes wouldn’t even focus!!

My son called the emergency vet number…they said bring her right in!

I knelt down next to my precious little girl, and just prayed, and prayed, and prayed to Jesus!!

“Please help my baby…please stop the seizure…please give her a long life…please help us to take good care of her…

We love her…Dear Jesus!!

Thank you, Lord!”

She’s used to this…I pray with her, and for her, each morning when I get up…”Dear Jesus…”

When she hears that, she calms down…gets restful and peaceful while I’m praying!

I pray for her to be safe…for Jesus to place a hedge of protection around her…for her not be stung by a bug…or bit by a spider or snake, for her not to eat a “lizzy” from out on the lanai, not to break any bones, not to run away, not to get hit by a car, get kidnapped, or get taken from us!

She always sits quietly while I’m praying!

So finally after praying…her seizure stopped, and she started to calm down…Praise God!

We tried to get her to drink water by using a little squirt bottle…

Water, drool, and blood were all over us, and all over her, too…Yuk!

Finally, she got up, walked around the house, and pooped a large mess of diarrhea!

But, thankfully, it was on the tile, and not on our carpet!!  Amen!

My husband and son took her up to the emergency vet to get some seizure medicine…

While I cleaned up the mess!

But, I couldn’t fall back to sleep for a long while…I kept praying…

Then this morning, they took her to our vet to get blood work…we’ll get the results in a few days…

She’s seems fine now!  Praise God!

This might be the one and only seizure, or she could have them periodically…please pray for her, too!

This all goes with my blogs from last week…”Life Happens…More Abundantly!!”  And “Hurricane Preparations!”  Ha!

But when all is said and done…in a crisis…in situations where you don’t have a clue what to do…

All you have is prayer…

And it is enough!

It’s your best resource!

Especially when you can’t focus…

Because as your prayer goes up…power from Jesus comes down…right into your circumstances!

He calms you and sends His peace…

He hears and He acts!  Amen!

I pray for that same hedge of protection around my husband, my son, our friends and families, our church, our schools, our house, ours cars, our finances, our jobs, our community, or country, etc.

And…I pray those prayers for what concerns you also!

Hurricane Preparations!!


Okay…here we go again!

Hurricanes hit in our lives…

Remember Hurricane Charlie???

He wasn’t supposed to hit us directly, but…

Hurricanes change your routine…

STOP what you’re doing and get into gear!

Hurricane Isaac is after us now…look at all the models, they cover the whole state of FL!!

No one’s immune…everyone’s going to get something…some wind, rain, flooding, etc.

Pray it away…please!

Pray and be prudent, also…

No power, no air conditioning, no running water, no working phones…

Trees, and telephone wires down…road signs and roof tiles flying…

My former police officer husband is already preparing…

Storm shutters up…check!

Things that can turn into projectiles in 70 mile an hour winds or more, stored inside…check!

Clean out the garage to get our cars in…check!

Water bottles, life jackets, tools, non-perishable foods, an old non-electric can opener, insurance policies paid up, cars filled with gas, flashlights and batteries, cash on hand, medicines refilled, and plenty of dog food…check!

With Hurricane Charlie, 8 years ago, we had no shutters…we had just moved to Fl from NJ two years before, and were new to the whole hurricane preparation thing!

Not prepared!!

It hit us hard!

Relief came when it was gone…but we were shell-shocked!

But, we have learned and learned BIG time!

Be prepared!

Usually we have a week or so to prepare, unless it’s a tornado…then 9 minutes!!

Check out what’s coming at us from Africa, bookmark the computer models, watch the temperature in the Gulf, know when to evacuate, know where to evacuate, consider where flooding might occur, and put your valuables in a safe place…

Are we this prepared for eternity????

My Dad (74) had 3 weeks to prepare for eternity…his hast weeks were like a hurricane for him and all of us…

Hospitals, doctors, procedures, surgeries…

His death, funeral, and burial…like a violent cyclone…

My Mom (90) had eight days to prepare for eternity…her last week was like a tornado…

Hospitals, doctors, procedures, surgeries…

Her death, funeral, and burial…like a whirlwind…

A flood of emotions…

Had they not already known the Lord, believed in Him alone for salvation, prepared for eternity by serving Him ’til their dying day…I don’t know how they could have prepared for death once the hurricane of their last moments hit!

They cried out to our Lord Jesus, because they knew Him…I know we can find the Lord even in the midst of our storms, but they were sick, hurting, upset to be in hospitals, scared of the procedures, and the surgeries…

All they needed to know was…

They just wanted to go HOME to their Lord!

STOP what you’re doing and get prepared!

I want to be prepared, too!  For the hurricanes in my life…

To be ready for the joy of my Home-Going!

I want a celebration when it’s my time!

For…a job “Well done…My good and faithful servant.”  (Matthew 25: 23)

For the Lord to say to me..”You were well-prepared!

Come on Home!”

John 14:6

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me.

Life Happens…And More Abundantly!!


Hello Dear Bloggers!!

Okay, my summer’s over, even though it’s still intensely hot around here!  School has started in FL!!

In NJ, I would still have off until AFTER labor Day!!

I substituted on Thursday and Friday last week, and on Monday this week, for a  new high school English teacher, who went to her sister’s wedding.  All went well, nice to see everyone from last year!!

There are many, more kids and I was in a new portable classroom for my 1st 3 periods, which was fine, except for the “new” chemical smell…YUK!!  Then I traveled to other classrooms the rest of the day.  On Thursday and Monday, I had two free periods, but on Fri., I covered for another teacher for those two periods, so she could go to a funeral.

So this was my schedule on Friday:

I got up at 4:35 am, covered 7 classes, went to the gym, went to drama practice, got home at 7 pm, straightened up the house, and collapsed!   On Saturday, I had to get up 6 am to go to breakfast with my sponsor to meet my new district superintendent of Gospel Crusade Ministerial Fellowship, so I can get my minister’s license, since I just finished my required courses!!  Yipee!!

Came home on Saturday afternoon…felt like collapsing, straightened up the house (of course!), and went to take a nap!

Let’s just stop here a moment…I had my son when I was 41 years old…he’s going to be 22 next month…he keeps me young…but, if you do the math, you can see…I’m no spring chicken!  I was exhausted!!

My left jaw started hurting on Friday and got worse by Saturday afternoon…my son prayed for me…I called dentist for pain meds in case it was a tooth ache, but the pharmacy closed at 6 pm, and I didn’t get the meds ’til Sun., and I didn’t need them by then.  I had an icepack on it all day Saturday while napping, and later while watching TV.

My husband and I watched some funny movie, and finally I relaxed, so it stopped hurting around 8 pm.

I didn’t go to church on Sunday, thinking it was lack of sleep.

*Let’s digress…a moment here, too, because:

Men don’t get it at all!!!

“Go to bed” to them…means, literally “Go to bed!”

Same thing in the mornings…”Go work means,  literally “Get up and go to work!!”

Females…we, on the other hand…well, we all know what we’re like…my list of things that I need to do, is endless…we don’t even get it ourselves…there’s always one more thing we need to do…day or night…before we can “Go to bed!” or “Go to work!”

*Hence the reason we’re always tired…but I digress!!

My jaw felt fine all day Sunday…got lots done around the house…went to work Monday…went to the dentist after work to find out it’s not tooth related.  Woke up Tuesday am at 3 am with it throbbing again, but not as bad…my husband prayed for it and by the time I got to work at Calvary Christian School the pain was gone!!

It’s like a muscle is twisting or something in the left jaw area, from my ear to and under my chin.  Like a gland or something!  Felt like the shingles I had years ago (from stress!!), but not as bad and no painful sores!  Looked it up on-line, and it sounds like it’s most likely TMJ…it makes your whole head hurt…please pray for me!  I read that some people have this pain for years!

No, I can’t take pain, so I must be healed in Jesus Name!  Amen!!

So anyway, I got a part-time job working at Calvary Christian School on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday each week.

I’m glad to not be working 3 days in a row!  I had to tell the high school I couldn’t work a bunch of days they asked me about already, but just feel God telling me to do this!!

The classroom at Calvary is set up so each of the 17 elementary kids has his/her own cubical (called their “office!”).  To help them, we
walk around the room and check their work at the counter above their desk, so I stand all day, except for a 20 min, break and a 30 min. lunch with the kids.  On the second day,  I wore sneakers!!  On my day off, I tried to get lots of things done at home…for drama practice on Friday, for my on-line course to renew my FL Teaching Certificate, laundry, phone calls, etc.

My son’s responsible for putting dishes away and folding towels.  My husband makes dinner, my son’s lunches, and takes care of the dog so I can go to bed early…so it’s taking the whole family co-operating to do this for sure!!  I’ve been retired for 10 years!  So we need to get  back in the groove.

It will work!

However…Blogging did not get done!!

And I miss you!

So, Dear Bloggers…Praying you are all doing great!  I still do have time to pray, of course, so I’ll continue to lift up each of you to the Lord!!  God Bless!

Why did I take on this part-time job????  (Subbing was working out just fine…go to work when you feel like it!)

It dropped into my lap!  Just like my son’s job at Calvary did!  After I told him time and time again this summer, while watching him play video games…”You’ve graduated from college now…don’t expect God to come knocking on your front door to say, ‘Hey, I’ve got this great job for you!’  You’ve got to actually go and find a job!”

Well, God literally dropped these jobs into our laps…

So what did we do???

We looked down at the gifts God laid in our laps, prayed about it, picked them up, and said, “Let’s Go!!”

PLUS…Bottom line?

I didn’t want to tell God…I don’t do mornings!!  Ha!  Even though everyone KNOWS I don’t do mornings!

I may be too busy to blog to you…but God is never too busy for any of us…


How does he do it????!

When we have such a hard time “doing it all!!”

Life happens…and then it happens some more…

Sometimes it’s hard for us to ask, “Where do you want me to go, Lord???

We could murmur (I do!!)  when He tells us…but it didn’t get the Israelites anywhere!!

Literally, they just wandered around… like we do without purpose…

Our purpose is to go!!

Go to your job…go to your school, go to the park with your kids, go to sit with a sick friend or family member…

Go into all the world…your world…

So that everywhere we go…

Everything we do…

Is for the Lord…and points everyone to Jesus…

If we remember that, life is easier!

Easy, because our Bible simply says, “Go!!”

“…Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”  Mark 16:15 NIV

Don’t add any stipulations…


“I’ll go when…I have nothing else to do…”

“When nobody else needs my attention…”

“When I feel like it…”

Or, after we remind the Lord…”I don’t do mornings!”

How about if an evangelist or missionary said, “I don’t do Africa…or China…or India…”

Our Bible also says “…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”  John 10:10 NKJV

Life…more abundantly…

Notice the word “MORE”…

I’m not asked to sit in a rocking chair and do nothing…even at my age…

I’m still called to, “GO!”

Because I’ve been given LIFE…MORE abundantly!!

Face it, church…

God wants to give us MORE LIFE…so we can “GO!”

More job opportunities, more people to minister to, more people to love and feel compassion for…

When we obey and “GO!”

Jesus LIVES…so should we!

Our Drama Team exploded this year…

Why?  We prayed for MORE!!

More faith, more anointing, more wisdom, more members…for more outreach opportunities…so we can “GO!”

It’s never about more “stuff”  for us, Church…

It’s not about more money, more cars, more houses, etc.

Though God may bless us with those things…

They’re His to give us,  if we use them for His mission… reaching lost souls….

For us to use for His glory to help others…

But what He really wants to give us is MORE LIFE!!

MORE abundantly!

So since my last blog…my season in LIFE has changed…Life has happened…MORE has happened…I’ve been asked to “Go!”

But, my mission from God hasn’t changed…

“Go!”  Is still His command to me!

And to you…

What season of  LIFE are you in?

In NJ, there are many seasons:  Cool…crisp…beautiful fall foliage…frost on the pumpkins…apple-picking…

Icy cold…dry skin…frostbite…slippery roads…gorgeous snow drifts…(unless you have to drive in it or shovel it!  Ha!)

Wet…blustery…birds chirping…flowers blooming…

Hazy…hot…humid…beach…pool…summer vacation…

Fl has no seasons…unless you count…



“Really hot”

“Intensely hot”

That’s LIFE…let’s embrace it, whatever season…

And stick to God’s plan and His purpose for our lives…to live life MORE abundantly…and to “Go!”

I won’t murmur or complain about this season…(Okay, I may vent a little!!  Ha!  I’m tired and my feet hurt…etc.)

Don’t live in the shadows…the Son is Risen!

Let’s have an attitude adjustment…

This new season could be school, books, jobs, stress…

Or it could be love, compassion, teaching, ministering…

It’s all in how you look at LIFE…

Look at it much more abundantly…

Don’t get stuck in one hard season…

God’s trying to make you Live!

Maybe this season is blustery…you’ve driven into a snow drift…slipped on icy roads…gotten caught in a hurricane…you’re chilled to the bone…wet, cold, and damp…or it’s so hot you can’t breathe…

Keep going, keep living…’til you’re season turns into one of gathering flowers, picking pumpkins, making angels in the snow, or walking on the beach!!

Don’t get stuck in…”it’s too hot…I’m too old…it’s too hard…”

I’ll just be thankful for the job God gave me, for the Christian environment He’s put me in…in this season…

For health, so I can go…

For abundant life… to love…MORE…

And for the delightful sunrises I get to see each morning now!!

I hope to talk to you before my next vacation!!  Ha!

Working On My Behalf…


Come, take a look inside my house around 11 am on most mornings…

Shhhhh….be quiet!

I’m still sleeping.

And my husband is just sitting in his (as we call it!)  “goon” chair…watching the Yankees, or something, on TV.

When I finally get up….this is how I find him!

I could assume that he’s lazy, doing nothing, and resent his inactivity, if not for the fact that I know he’s been working on my behalf while I was sleeping restfully!

He’s an early, early riser…and I  definitely am not!

My reason?

God allowed me to retire after 26 years of teaching and getting up at 4:50 am each school day morning.  I did it, but I hated it.  Because getting up that early, means you have no life after 6 pm…you’re too tired to think by then.

So now, I enjoy my retired schedule…I have a teenager’s schedule…I stay up ’til 2 am and get up by 11 am…Fits me so much better!!

If I have to substitute teach, or be somewhere, I go to bed early, and  set my alarm to get up.  Works for me!

Anyway, back to my story…

I’m fast asleep…while my husband’s got all this activity going on at the crack of dawn…he cooks a meal, checks the weather (watching for storms brewing in the Gulf), makes his grocery list (so he can be the first one to the stores when they open, because he hates crowds), takes out our garbage, makes sure everything’s secure inside and outside our house (retired cop, you know!), checks our sprinkler system, feeds all the neighborhood birds with fish from when he fishes across the street,  goes to the bank, to the post office, to Publix or Sweetbay (he’ll go every day…getting 10 items or less), Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club, does the yard work, sees to the car repair, and does whatever needs to be done each day for our family!!

I know, I’m blessed!!  Ha!

To have him working on our behalf!

God’s like that, too.

We’re blessed.

But, we pray.

And when we don’t see anything happening, can’t see Him working, can’t feel Him moving, can’t see anything being accomplished…

We conclude that God is not working on our behalf.

But all the while, He was up early even before we whispered a prayer…getting done all that concerns us for our day.

For today.

And tomorrow He’ll do the same thing.  Amen!

We need to trust.

That He’s working on our behalf!

On your behalf…on your family’s behalf…on your ministry’s behalf…on behalf of all that concerns you.

If we are God’s children, we have a connection to God!

He’s working on our behalf…so we can rest easy & relax in His care.

Listen to the song “YOURS” by Steven Curtis Chapman

It’s all His, so that makes it all yours, too!

So thank Him for working on your behalf…thank Him for your family, your job, your church, your friends, your calling…

Lord, I thank you for my healing, for my peace, for my joy, for my capacity to love and feel compassion for others, for my desire to please you and encourage others to love You…

Is it me working?

I jump out of bed in the late morning with my usual “Things-To-Do” list…

And I find supper-done!



Yard work-done!

Our cars repaired and running-done!

Garbage taken out-done!

Dog fed-done!

And on and on…

Let’s wake up with that assurance about God, too!

I read this once in an e-mail, printed it out, taped it to my printer, and I can see it from right here where I sit!

“Good Morning All!  This is God! 

I will be handling all of your problems today. 

I will not need your help. 

So relax and have a great day!”

Psalm 66:5 (NIV)  “Come and see what God has done, how awesome His works in man’s behalf!”

 Since He’s working on your behalf…You’re done!!

Now relax!

I heard Pastor Reza Safa preach the other night on TV…a sermon called It’s Yours.

“Don’t beg,” Pastor Reza said, “God’s done it all for you already, by sending His Son Jesus to die for you!

Accept what  Jesus’ death and resurrection did for you.

He’s just waiting for you to accept His gift.”

Accept it.

He’s always working on your behalf.

Just because we don’t see or feel Him working…

I assure you…He is.

So we can rest easy.

Relax in His care.

He’s got everything under His control.

He’s gotten up early and orchestrated your day already.

Each day, every day, day in & day out.

One day at a time.

Step out in faith.

You’ll see.

God does work on your behalf!

Leave me a comment…what has God done on your behalf lately????