I started taking landscape photography soon after I developed the dreaded ‘Sanibel Stoop”…which is named after Sanibel Island in FL.  It’s caused, of course, by bending up & down while walking on the beach collecting shells.  As witnessed by my first posts “Beach Blessings” (check out my archives!), I picked up a lot of shells when we first moved to FL.

After my husband, my son, & everyone else constantly commented, “You sure have a lot of shells!”  I realized the connection.  But, when we got our Siberian Husky puppy…and she proceeded to eat everything in the house…I really got serious about curtailing my obsession with gathering &  displaying all these shells.

My back miraculously straightened out, and I’m happy to say, I now stand upright again!

So now, I’m obsessed with Palm Trees…”the righteous flourish like a palm tree…”

I love capturing all God’s beautiful scenery, during my walks on the beach, my walks on the golf course, or my walks through life…with my photographs.  I turn them into cards, frame them, share them, sell them, and enjoy them.  And because I’m looking up, instead of looking down as I walk…it helps me spiritually…and my back feels great!

God’s Scenery gallery…He’s Master Artist of our lives and our world.

Enjoy His Artwork!









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