Eating tapioca that’s too old to remember,

Is worse than a sunburn in September.

One night lo and behold, my dad found pudding that was way too old.

The expiration date there was found none,

Now the fun had just begun.

The company’s phone began to sound,

of a call of tapioca old as the ground.

A simple question was then asked,

“Where is the expiration date on MY-T-Fine tapioca pudding?”

The answer then came loud and clear,

“We haven’t made that for over two years!!”

“Thank you, goodbye.”

Came over the line,

Then I was scared by the look in my dad’s eye.

“We’re making the pudding,” came his reply.

“It’ll be done in a half hour, give it a try.”

I thought it was sick, gross without compare,

that the pudding came from New Jersey and followed me here.

A half hour later the pudding was made and cooled.

My dad thought that I would soon be fooled.

The look on his face looked like delight,

or was it the look of pure disgusted fright?

My dad took a spoon and dug right in,

“Mmmmm,” he replied then with a grin.

I was utterly afraid of the tapioca he made.

So my dad ate it all within a week.

And I’m amazed a hospital he did not seek!

Original poem by my son, who heard them mention this pudding on “Who’s Line?”  with the famous phrase…”Tapioca! Tapioca!”

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