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Thanks Mr. Sargeant…Wherever You Are…


Soooo, I dug through some old, old papers and I found it!

The first fiction story I ever wrote in sophomore year in high school for my favorite class…English, with Mr. Sargeant.

Check out the comments my favorite teacher wrote on my paper!  I love that teacher!  Even back then, he knew…I was destined to write!

I’m putting this story on my blog more for me than for you…it’s part of my past…my history…a story I actually completed!  Ha!

And it will give my son a laugh…

It’s such a sweet story…I’m going to leave in all the innocent nuances.  Remember, it was written a long time ago…

Is it the same now-a-days?

I substitute in high school now, so I think not!

So here you go…my title page…read on…

ENGLISH II – PERIOD  5 –  November 18, 1964


This teen fiction short story is dedicated to my favorite English teacher, Mr,
Sargeant, for his pleasure and enjoyment.

Please note:  The conversation spoken by Jeanette must be read with a strong
French accent in order to get the full enjoyment that it is meant to give.

Mr. Sargeant’s Comments:

“Very, very well done!!  The best in the class!

Good detail!  Good dialogue!  Good organization!


I’m sorry, but I don’t have a strong French accent.

How about an Irish one?”

Don’t you just love that???  Thanks, Mr. Sargeant…wherever you are…this is still dedicated to you!!  For inspiring me & apprecaiting my story!!

They were finally on their way to the United States and there was no turning back now.  Jeanette Dupont was, of course, very excited and very scared.  She was sure she would love the United States for she had heard so many wonderful things about it.  She sat on the boat looking out over the water, dreaming of her new life in America. She had tried very hard to master the language, but found it necessary to use her own language for the more difficult words.

“There you are, Jeanette!  I have been looking all over for you.  We’re almost there, aren’t you excited?” her mother said as she approached her, and interrupted her daydreaming.

“Oui mama, je suis tres agite!” Jeanette answered.

“Now Jeanette, you know what I told you. You are to speak English now, or no one will understand you.  I had a terrible time telling people what I wanted the last time I was in the United States. If you want to come here to live, you cannot speak French all the time,” Jeanette’s mother said firmly.

She kissed her mother on the cheek and answered apologetically, “I…am…sorry, I…weel…try…harder.”

“Now hurry and get cleaned up, we’re almost ready to land,” her mother said happily.

The trip across the Atlantic on the big ocean liner had been very pleasant-and thrilling for Jeanette, yet she still couldn’t wait to get to the United States.  Jeanette, a “petite” 17-year-old, with long blond hair and blue eyes, was really something to look at. She was
always bubbling over with some sort of exciting news.  Although she had been a little hesitant when her mother had discussed plans to live in America, her mother knew that Jeanette would have no trouble at all making friends in her new surroundings.  She and her mother had become great companions since her father’s death five years before.  Now that most of the grief was gone, Mrs. Dupont felt that coming to the United States was the best opportunity for her to become a successful writer.

Jeanette sat in her room just thinking before getting  ready to leave the ship.  She was very pleased with her mother’s decision to move to the states and she loved her dearly for it.  She knew that her mother’s main reason was to secure a future for Jeanette.  Her only fear was that her new classmates would not accept her, even though her mother constantly assured her that she would fit in very well. She had many friends in Paris, where they lived, and she had been sad to leave them.  She would miss them greatly, especially if she did not make any friends at her new school.

She had promised to write them each a letter once a week and she desperately wanted them to visit her, but that seemed impossible.
Jeanette’s mother had purchased a small, contemporary house in one of the suburbs of New York.  Everything would be ready for them when they arrived, since they had sent all their furniture and clothes ahead.  Jeanette had been enrolled in a beautiful neighborhood high school, while Mrs. Dupont had a job in New York City that she seemed happy about.  When they finally arrived in New York, Mrs. Dupont was anxious to show Jeanette her new home.  After a short ride they pulled up in front of the house.  Jeanette took one look and gave a shout.

“Mama, eet ees beeuteeful,” she said with such glee that her mother had to laugh.

The house had natural wood siding, huge windows, and two skylights.  One in the family room and one in her bedroom.  There was a deck encircling the house which overlooked a professionally landscaped front yard.  Jeanette fell in love with it immediately.  It was autum, so the trees and bushes were golden in color giving the house a magical appearance.  As soon as her mother opened the front door, Jeanette ran through each room singing and dancing.  It pleased Mrs. Dupont to see Jeanette so elated.  Since it was Saturday, they took their time to set up everything just the way they wanted it.  They were having a great time and by Sunday evening the house was just right.  But, this gave Jeanette little opportunity to meet any friends over the weekend.

So as Monday came, she still had not met anyone to walk to school with.  School in this area had only begun about a week ago, so she hadn’t really missed much work, it was just that she wanted to have friends to go to school with.  Jeanette got ready for school that
first day with a mixture of nervousness, and also relief that the day was finally here.

“Come on Jeanette, hurry, you don’t want to be late on the first day.  I’ll drive you because I think there are more information forms for
me to fill out,” Jeanette’s mother shouted from downstairs.

Jeanette’s first thought about the school was that it was the most modern one she had ever seen. She was sure she had seen modern buildings before, but they just didn’t seem to come to her mind at this moment.

“I think you’re going to like this new school, Jeanette,” her mother whispered.

“Me too!” she answered.

They went into the office together to fill out the papers, and then the school secretary showed them where her home room was.
Her Mother left, and since she had a few minutes before the bell rang, she decided to walk arround the school by herself.  She was walking down the hall looking everything over when suddenly from around the corner someone came rushing into her.  She was so startled by this accident that she could do nothing but sit where she had fallen.  When she finally did look up, she looked up into the eyes of the cutest boy she had ever seen.  She sat there for at least two minutes just staring at him, and she later realized that he too, must have been doing the same.

Finally he spoke,”Gee, I’m awfully sorry, let me help you up.  I was in such a hurry that I didn’t watch where I was going!  Are you alright?”

Oui, , I…am…fine,” Jeanette stammered, suddenly ashamed of her strong French accent.”

“Oh, you’re the new French girl we’ve been waiting for!  Ummm, not bad,”  he exclaimed giving her his full attention now.  “Not bad at

“I…do…not…understand…when…you…say…you…have…been…waiting for…me,” she said, very confused now.

Wel,l the news got out somehow that a French girl was enrolled in our school and most of us boys have never seen a real French
girl, so we were kind of curious.  I’m glad I saw you first though.  I did didn’t I?” he asked hopefully.

“Oui, I have not met anyone else yet,” she replied sadly.

“Oh, I can take care of that, come with me,” he said leading the way down the hall. “Where’ s your home room anyway?”

“Right here, room 203,”  Jeanette was breathless, she had not expected to meet anyone so soon, and now she was being escorted by one of the cutest boys she had ever-seen.

“Well what do you know, this is my home room too!  Now I can keep a watch out for you.”

Jeanette laughed and he smiled.

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to some of the other kids.  Hey, you didn’t tell me what your name is, how can I introduce you?  Mine’s Ronnie.  Ronnie Renalls.”

“Oh , my name eez Jeanette.  Jeanette Dupont.”

“Okay Jeanette, let’s meet the other kids.”

“Hey, Ronnie, whose the doll?” a boy shouted out as they walked in the room, and Jeanette blushed.

“Kids, I want you to meet the new French girl.  Her name is Jeanette Dupont,” Ronnie announced with great pleasure.

Everyone started talking at once, saying “Hello” and asking, “Can you speak English?”

Jeanette was too confused to say anything, so she just stood there listening, but she was also very happy.  She felt that she was pretty lucky to have met such a popular and friendly boy like Ronnie.

“Boy, Ronnie, you didn’t waste any time in meeting her did you?” one girl shouted out.

“Oh I just ran into her in the hall and I mean that literally.  I collided with her while I was rushing to get here as usual.  Fortunate for me,” he laughed, and everyone laughed with him.

“So wait a minute everyone, give her a chance to breathe.  Jeanette, this is Judy, our very successful cheerleading captain, she’s going
steady with Bob here,” Ronnie said pointing to a good-looking boy sitting near Judy.

“You make it sound like hands off!” Bob answered sounding regretful.

“Well isn’t it?!” Judy replied firmly to Bob.

After Ronnie had introduced her to all the kids in her home room, it was time for classes to start.  She and Ronnie matched her schedule with everyone ‘s to see who she could walk to classes with. They found that Judy was in her next class and in her lunch period, too.   And that another girl named Darlene was in her gym class, while  Ronnie was in her study hall at the end of the day.

“I’ll see you in study hall, Jeanette,” Ronnie shouted down the hall after the bell rang.

“Fine, I weel see you then.”

When she and Judy were by themselves, Judy asked, “Well, how do you like our school? You know you’re very lucky to have made such an impression on Ronnie, there isn’t much most girls in this school wouldn’t do to get a date with him.  After all, being captain of the football and basketball teams make him pretty special, and of course he is so terribly cute and friendly;”

Jeanette wanted to tell Judy all her feelings about her new life, but there just wasn’t time. S0, all she said was, “I love this school, eet eez so beeuteeful! You are all so warm and friendly to me. I hope we can become good friends.”

“I’m sure we can,” Judy smiled.

Jeanette went through the rest of the day in a daze, meeting so many new people was very tiring.  She looked forward to seeing Ronnie in study hall, and when they met, he motioned for her come over and talk to him before the bell rang.

“How are things going? Anybody give you any trouble?” Ronnie asked.

“Non, I love za school and everyzing,” she answered happily.

“That’s  fine. How about letting me walk you home after school today, okay?  I have French this year as one of my subjects and I have
just decided that you are the one to help me with it.”

“I would reely bee happy to, if you weel help me weeth my English.  Weel you?” she shyly asked.

“Of course, I think, this will work out fine.  You’ll pass English and I get a French tutor,” he replied.

After school Jeanette met Ronnie as he walked her home, she got to know him a little better and found that even though they were from different countries they had many things in common.

As they approached her house she saw her mother drive up and she waved.

“Mama, this eez Ronnie Renalls.  He has been so friendly to me today, he introduced me to everyone.”

“Well, this is certainly a pleasure, Ronnie.  I’m very happy to meet you.  Jeanette needed someone like you today, she was so nervous
this morning,” Jeanette’s mother said greeting them.

“Oh , it was my pleasure!”  Ronnie said as he looked at Jeanette.

“Mother, Ronnie asked me to help him with hees French lessons and he ees going to help me with my English lessons.”

To Ronnie she added, “Why don’t you stop by here tonight so we can geet started?”

“It ees alright, ees it not Mama?”

“Of course it is,” her mother answered.

“Well that’s great, I will, thanks. I’ll have to get home now though if I’ll be coming back tonight.  Okay?  I’ll see you tonight then
Jeanette.  Bye!” Ronnie waved goodbye and left.

As Jeanette and her mother walked into the house, Jeanette exclaimed, ” Mama, j”aime les Americains!”


*For those who have not had the pleasure of studying the French language, Jeanette said, “Mother, I love the Americans!”


Bloggers…Thanks for going back on this  journey with me to my past creative endeavors!!  Hey, I remember writing another teenage fiction story…called “Careless Love.”  Now, where can that one be??

“This Is My Kind Of Meeting!”


The Filling Station

Food for your soul…sharing…giving…helping…talking…loving…

Please bring a cozy blanket…your favorite pillow…a comfy chair…and decadent food to share…

Scripture topics discussed are your choice…

Wear your slippers…(and PJs, if you wish!)…

Snuggle up close to Jesus…lay your head on His shoulder…

Receive His rest…

Thirsty?   Find living water to drink…

Draw up in a huge bucket water from the living, cool, thirst-quenching fountain…

Hungry?  Feed on His Word and be nourished…be refreshed…

Live life to the fullest in Christ…

Bring your friends to the well with you…to the feast…

Sing a new song

Be light.  Be salt.  To all the world…

Lay your burdens down…

Lift up the Name of Jesus.

Share and contribute your insights…your inspiration…your wisdom… your testimony…

Understand and encourage each other…lift up each name in prayer…each need…

Lay hands on the sick…pray in the Spirit…pray for restoration…enjoy extravagant worship…

This is a real meeting with Jesus…believe…

Come to the Filling Station of Christ…

I’ll be there, too!

Fish Out Of Water!


Okay, literally!  I saw a fish out of water!

I was taking my walk one day last week and I saw a creature flopping around on the sidewalk!  At first, I thought it was a giant slug!

It was approximately 10 inches long, greyish colored, and when I got closer to it, I could see tiny little protrusions on each side of its face.   It’s motion was like a “scrunch up & jump-scrunch up & jump” kinda action!  It had been raining…it’s our rainy season in FL, but the sidewalk was dry…all I saw were puddles in the roadway.

Where had this creature come from?

I looked around & saw a drainage ditch…so maybe that’s where it came from and where it was heading.  It certainly didn’t belong on the sidewalk.

But, what was I to do?

I kept walking.

Really, I wanted to just pick it up, rescue it, and carry it across the street to the lake on the golf course.

I thought about it, then I thought what if it bites me?  I’m not near my house at the moment…what if it bites me and I bleed to death?

What if it carries a disease?

I could call 911..I did that one other time in almost the exact same spot, when I noticed a stray dog in the neighborhood.  But what would I say to the dispatcher this time?  “Sorry, to bother you, but I found a fish out of water!”  Do you even call the police for this issue, or is this clearly a Fish & Wildlife matter?

Since it had been raining, I had my umbrella with me, so I thought, maybe I can just shoo it along on the sidewalk..ya know, to help it get going toward whatever water source it came out of.  Then I thought, what if I hurt it by scraping it on the sidewalk…who am I gonna call then?  Huh?

“Hello, Urgent Care Center?”

“You saw what?  You did what?”

I just can’t handle that much judgement!

One day several months ago, I was again walking in that same area, and a lady and her daughter were driving by.  They suddenly stopped near me…pointing at something in the street.  Maybe I have bad eyesight, but I didn’t know what that was either!  Turned out, it was a very large turtle, and the lady was trying to stop traffic, so it wouldn’t get run over by cars.  She was shooing it with a plastic toy hockey stick, apparently her daughter’s.  See, she thought of something similar to my umbrella handle.  Ha!

Anyway, just as she was getting nowhere hurrying this turtle out of the road…a guy in a truck came, saw, stopped, picked up the large turtle, told us it wouldn’t hurt us, placed the turtle safely on the side of the road in the grass, and went on his way!

I just looked at the lady and said, “Well, I guess that’s how it’s done!”  I learned something, and I felt foolish for not thinking of it myself.

But apparently that learning experience did not help me with the fish out of water!

After I walked away, I started to go back…I really did!   But, then I thought, “You’re going to look foolish!”

What will people think…you bending down to rescue this sorry-looking, squirming, greyish, flopping creature…that fish out of water?

I went home, told my husband, The Fisherman…my fish story…and he said, “Oh, that’s just a catfish…that’s how they move…I’ve seen them in the grass at times, flopping like that!”  We looked it up online, & I don’t know how I could have been afraid of such a cute little fish!

But it WAS out of its water, for goodness sake…

A lot like fishing for men, huh??

Sometimes a person can be like a fish out of water, too!

Down and out.

Far from God.

Needing to be rescued.

Why are we afraid?

Do we keep walking?

Why can’t we just pick them up, rescue them, and carry them to safety?

Even if we look foolish to the world.

Even if they look sorry-looking.

Get them out of the rough roadway of life.

Send a lifeline.

Stop worrying what others think.

Call on Jesus.

And be the one to come, see, stop, pick up, and bring them to safety in the arms of Jesus!

 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

Mark 1:17 (NIV)

We’re Champions


Photo by Glyn Kirk/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Headline:  Els Wins British Open After Scott Crumbles by Published:  July 22, 2012

After being six strokes back with nine holes to play, Ernie Els won the Claret Jug and his fourth career major victory.

Yes, I watched the British Open today, because my husband’s an avid golfer, and that’s what we watch in our house!  I ran an errand after church, so I just caught the end of the Tournament, as my husband was saying, “Ohhhhh,”  just as I walked in the door.

“What happened?”  I asked.

“Adam Scott was so close, but lost by one stroke,” he moaned.

Just as I was going to ask again, “What happened?”

The commentator said, “This is what happens when golfers forget to take their eyes off the obstacles and to just focus on the goal!”


So Ernie Els won the British Open…his fourth major championship…when the third-round leader, Adam Scott, bogeyed the final four holes.

Els, the popular South African with a catchy nickname, “the Big Easy,” is one of the most likable of the PGA professionals.  It has hardly been easy for Els to get his hands back on the claret jug.  This was his fourth major championship, but his first since 2002, when he won the British Open at Muirfield.

The Commentators were so excited!  Knowing that Els has had personal obstacles to overcome over the years, they found it remarkable that he had won a major Tournament in each of the last three decades.


“What’s the secret?” they wanted to know.

“I guess it’s perseverance, ” Els said, “I’ve been here a longtime!”

“How do you feel at this moment?” was their next question.

“Well, I’m very emotional,” Els said, “I’m happy to win and be standing here, but I feel for Adam Scott, he’s a great friend of mine.”

His good friend, Adam Scott, is a talented 32-year-old Australian.

This surprising victory came for Ernie Els at age 42, because he managed to keep his focus.  Golfer of the Year!

Sweet triumph!

“Young bucks don’t win it all the time,” my husband said, “The headlines should read…Experience Shines At Lytham St. Annes, England Today!”

“A lot of people, a lot, a lot of people never thought I would win, and I started believing this year,” Els said. “I had a lot of help from a great team, all the way from my family to the professional people around me.”

What’s our goal?

To reach Heaven?

What do we need to know?

Take our eyes off the obstacles and just focus on the goal…don’t crumble…

Persevere…be there a long time…overcome obstacles…keep going…don’t quit…experience is so valuable…

Be emotional when we triumph…even when people didn’t think we would…no matter what age we are…

Be emotional…if our friends miss the mark…speak truth into their lives now while there’s still time…don’t let them lose, even by one second…

Keep believing in God…start believing in ourselves…get our hands back on the prize…even if it’s been awhile…

Surround ourselves with a great team…

Stay focused…

Enjoy our sweet triumph…our major victory…Heaven…

We’re champions with Christ…more than conquerors…yes, we’re winners…

Endure to the end…

The Reporter


“The only reason I’m here is to tell the story.”

I saw a movie the other night about a journalist, and that was the ending line of the movie.

Wow, what a thought.

That’s why we’re here.

It’s not about us.

It’s about God and His story, the Gospel.

All we have to do is tell it, by living it.

Being a Christian is not about doing things.

It’s about telling God’s story.

How liberating!

I’ve always got a lot to say, but I’m glad it’s not about me.

And it’s not about you, either!

Return Policy


Ever bought anything at Wal-Mart?  Of course you have!  Can you believe their return policy.  Bring in the receipt, return the item, no questions asked.  They don’t seem to care why you want to return it, they just seem so happy to have it back.  You’d think they’d be unhappy, since they sold it to you, and now that they have it back again, they owe you money.  I never mind returning something at Walmart… they never judge you…they just take the item back.

So, I checked their web-site to see if that’s really their Return Policy…here’s what it said:

“Walmart’s Return Policy

Our goal is to satisfy our customers by exchange, refund, or repair, as outlined in this policy.

As an added convenience for customers, Walmart has adjusted its return policy for the holiday gift buying season for items that have a limited return/exchange period (15 days, 30 days, etc.). For these items purchased between Nov. 1 and Dec. 24, the limited return period will begin Dec. 26. This includes items such as TVs, cameras, computers, DVD and music players which can have a 15-30 day return period.

Q:  Is there a time limit on RETURNS?

A:  Generally, we accept returns within 90 days after purchase. There are a few exceptions, including the below examples but not limited to these examples, to the 90-day rule:

  • Computers, camcorders, digital cameras, digital music players, e-tablets, e-readers, portable video players, GPS units, video game hardware, pre-paid cell phones, and post-paid cell phones must be returned within 15 days with a receipt.
  • Airbeds returned within 15 days with a receipt that are not defective and have been opened or used will only be exchanged for an airbed of equal or greater value.
  • Defective airbeds will be exchanged for an airbed of equal or greater value within 90 days of purchase.
  • Swimming pools, lawn mowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, air conditioners, power washers, compressors, and generators must be returned within 30 days with a receipt to obtain a refund or exchange.
  • Pre-recorded movies, music, and computer/video game software and circuit cartridges must be returned within 90 days in the original and unopened packaging with a receipt to receive a refund or exchange.
    • If the above-referenced items are defective, they can be returned within 90 days with a receipt and the original packaging. Defective units may be exchanged for another unit of the same title.
  • Defective pre-owned (refurbished) video game software can be returned within 90 days with a receipt and the original packaging. Defective units may be exchanged for another unit of a different title if original title is not available.
  • All perennials, tree and shrubs must be returned within 1 year with a receipt to obtain a refund or exchange.

Q:  Do you accept RETURNS without a receipt?

A:  Walmart, for several years, has accepted returns without a receipt, even though many of our competitors require receipts for all returns.  Walmart gives customers the option of a cash refund (if the purchase was under $25), a shopping card for the amount of the purchase (if it was over $25) or an even exchange for the product. Also, as applicable, we follow any manufacturer’s warranties.

Q:  Do you track RETURNS, do you place a limit on the number of returns?

A:  In the event that a customer has returned more than three items without receipts within a 45-day period, the cash register system will automatically flag the transaction, and a customer service manager or member of management must approve the return.  These cash register messages will remain for six months and will disappear if there are no more returns during that time period.”

Okay, now wait a minute…Walmart has a good return policy, but there are stipulations that I didn’t know about before doing  this research…they don’t take back everything, there are exceptions, they don’t take back damaged goods, there’s a time limit, they track how many times you return things, and you generally need a receipt that says you paid the price for the item before they will give you cash back, a gift card, or an exchange.

But, no such stipulations with Jesus!

Isaiah 44:22 KJV says, “I have blotted out as a thick cloud, thy transgressions; and as a cloud, thy sins:  return unto me; for I have redeemed thee.”

Return…we’re redeemed!

Pardon promised, sin forgiven.

He takes back everyone.

No exceptions!

Even damaged goods.

He repairs and restores lives.

There’s no time limit as long as there’s breath.

He doesn’t keep track of wrongs.

He has already paid the price.

He exchanges our stoney heart for a brand new one.

Gives us a “Get Into Heaven” card.

Stop…go listen to “Take You Back” by Jeremy Camp from his album Restored.

What a message…what a return policy…He’ll take us back!  Always!

Do you need a good return policy?  Come to Jesus…

What Are You Looking For In A Church?


When we moved to FL, as my son was entering 7th grade, what I was looking for in a church was a strong youth ministry.  Our small church in NJ did not have a youth pastor at the time.  I wanted a place where my son could serve the Lord.  I’ve always tried to lead him by example…that we’re saved to serve the Lord.  It was top on my list!!

We also knew how important it would be for us to be a hop-skip-and a-jump from all our church activities and friends in the Lord!!  After the first Sunday and Wednesday night, we knew where the Lord wanted us!  We met the youth pastor’s wife as soon as we walked in the front door, and now that I know her and the youth pastor so well, I know why the first thing she said when she saw my son was, “Welcome!  I’m the youth pastor’s wife!”  They have such a heart for teens…it’s like radar!  I feel the Lord told her to sit there and wait for us to come in!!

Then we walked up to Kid’s Church, and the moment we met the children’s pastor, saw the beautifully decorated room, and met all the workers…we were hooked!  I remember saying to her, “If you ever need any help here, let me know!”  It was our first day, but, we needed no time to get used to everyone and everything…there was no holding back, we loved it!  This was what we had been praying for, and the Lord showed me He would “part the seas” of hassles and obstacles along the way to find it–our new home church!!  Here was where we could bloom where He planted us!!

The youth and children’s pastors are still such a blessing to us, my son is still in Kids Church…now as a teacher.  He still goes to youth group…now as a leader.  I would need pages to express the impact that their love of Christ, and their love of people has meant to us!  Both, such powerful ministries.

Then, we came back on Wednesday night, and met the leaders in Royal Rangers!  Again, fun, welcoming, and filled with the Spirit of God.  The Lord definitely led us here!!

So pastors, I want to say, “THANK YOU!!”  to you for the years before we came, the years when you poured God’s love and Spirit into this congregation, when you laughed with them and cried with them.  When you constantly prayed to Our God about them and their concerns.  When you taught them that the Joy of the Lord could be theirs, and that loving and serving God is not drudgery…it’s Joyous!!  When you taught them to reach out to people, as soon as they walk in the door of our church.  Or, when they meet them at school, work, or in the marketplace.  And to reach around the world with their giving.

Thank you for being steadfast in the Lord, (I admit, sometimes I don’t know how you do it!).  I know God holds you up because of your strong faith and reliance on Him.  You’ve taught us these lessons by your words, and by your lifestyle…a life of Praise!  I’m thankful that the Lord gave us pastors that are willing to be accountable for our spiritual well-being.  I know you’re both depending on God and His wisdom in everything you do, and in every decision you make for our church!!

Thank you for sharing the visions and dreams the Lord speaks into your hearts.  We will believe and agree with you, that we will see them come to pass!  We’re blessed to be placed here by God!  We love you and honor you…In Jesus Name!!

Praise God!  This is just what I was looking for in a church!

Are You A Modern Day Moses?


Of all the personalities who engaged in prayer to the Lord in the Old Testament, it is doubtful that any can compare to Moses. In terms of prayer and communication with God, it was virtually his sole occupation.  Is it ours?


God speaks, “Moses! Moses!”

Moses responds, “Here I am.”

  Today:  God speaks our name.

We answer,  “Lord, are you talking to me?”


God speaks, “Do not come any closer.”

Moses, obeys.

Today: God says, “Go back to church!”

We say, “We’re too busy!


Moses questions, “Suppose I go to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is His name?’  Then what shall I tell them?”

God answers, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites:  ‘I AM sent me to you! ‘”

     Today:  We question, “How can we fit God into our already crowded, overwhelmed life?”

God answers, “I AM GOD, I’ll work it out!!”


Moses confesses, “I am not able to contend with the unbelief of the people and I am not eloquent.”

God answers, “I AM.”

     Today:  We confess, “Lord, I am not able to do this.”

God answers, “I AM.”


Moses doesn’t understand, “Lord, why have you brought trouble upon this people?”

God answers, “Now you will see what I will do … and then you will know that I am the Lord your God … ”

Today:  I don’t understand, “Lord, you’re asking me to lead Vacation Bible School?  I can’t do that!”

God answers, “Say yes to me, and you will see what I will do … and then you will know that I am the Lord your God … ”


God speaks, “Move on!”

Moses, steps out in faith.

     Today:  God speaks, “Get off the fence for good!  Make a commitment!  Serve only Me!”

Will we step out in faith?


Moses cried to the Lord, “What am I to do with these people?”

God answers Moses because he drew near to God, and chose to pray.

God was ready to give up on Israel, “Now leave me alone so that my anger may burn against them and that I may destroy them.  Then I will make you into a great nation.

“Moses is totally unselfish and becomes a true advocate and intercessor to influence the final outcome, and the Lord relented.

Today:  We cry out to the Lord, “It’s hard to serve you when others around us don’t comprehend the spiritual things of God!”

God answers us because we drew near to God, and chose to pray.

God is ready to turn every soul 180 degrees around, to draw them closer, and turn stony hearts to flesh.

We must be totally unselfish, obey the vision given to reposition ourselves to become a true advocate and intercessor to influence the final outcome of every soul.


God speaks, “I will not go with you, because you are a stiff-necked people and I might destroy you on the way.”

Moses answers, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here … ”

     Today:  God speaks, “I will relocate you and your family.”

We must answer, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us there.  Our heart’s desire is that we can serve you there!”


Moses makes a bold plea, “Now show me your glory.”

God answers, “Yes Moses .. .I will enlarge your vision and your faith.”

Today:  We make a bold plea, “Lord, I have always wanted to write (sing, dance, teach, play an instrument, etc.).  Give me a ministry for you with my passion!  Give me your blessings!”

God answers, “Yes, I will enlarge your vision and your faith and increase your territory of influence for Me and the spreading of My Gospel.”

Prayer and communication with God allowed Moses to desire to see God’s glory…and it will do the same for us today!

A Best Friend Just Gets You!



I worked hand-in-hand with my best friend for 26 years…I retired first…and when she finally retired…I had a lot to say!

It seems like I’ve known her forever!  To this day, it has been a very cherished friendship.  When I retired, here’s what she said about working with me:

“We graduated at the same time from college, but we didn’t meet until five years later when she was hired as my maternity leave replacement.  This was the beginning of a cherished friendship. Here we are 25 years later…she’s retiring and I’m still working!  What’s wrong with this picture?

What an impression I must have made sitting at the table in the Home Economics room, with my feet up on the chair with the 12 girls in the class coming to me for help on their sewing projects. This job was a piece of cake, is
that what you thought? Those were definitely the good old days (before we had boys in our classes!  Ha!).  I had a few days to orient her with the classroom, curriculum, the up-coming fashion show that we put on in those days, and the procedure for purchasing groceries at the local A&P.  Teaching in Sussex County, on that first trip back from the grocery store we had to stop and wait for the cows to cross the road. This was a new experience for the girl from suburbia!  Bet you didn’t know that was in your job description!

Did you know that she’s is a cooking teacher, but doesn’t cook? Her husband does most of the cooking.  Thirty years ago we never dreamed that we would be teaching 25-30 students at one time in 5 tiny little kitchens. I don’t know what we were thinking!  Cook, clean, wash dirty towels, keep up with inventory, etc., all day at work, then go home and keep doing it!  But, now, we’re no longer called Home Ec. teachers, we’ve graduated to Family and
Consumer Science teachers.

Our profession and job has certainly changed a lot in a quarter of a century. It’s a good thing that we are so flexible! Because, the administration decided that we were even flexible and knowledgeable enough to teach computers without any real training. But we were thankful to have a job!  Since they were always telling us our job would be the first to go with budget cuts.

Of course, like any long-term friendship we had a few snags along the way. My over-active thyroid probably caused the first. It seems that I was pretty hard to get along with and that my normally sweet nature was replaced by unpredictable outbursts. And your many menopausal symptoms and mood swings have at times been
very trying also. Some days the room felt like the North Pole, both in temperature and atmosphere. I hope you had a heavy-duty air conditioner installed in your new Florida home.

I can’t imagine what it will be like coming back in September and not having you there!  E-mail us a few pictures of your newly built FL home completely finished, since we’ve seen a thousand black and white printer copies at every stage of construction!  By the way, does anyone know if there is an available ink cartridge in the building? Ours seems to have been used up completely by the copies of your house taped on the wall behind your desk!

I guess you won’t be needing your multitude of precious sticky note reminders anymore…Period 8 put up chairs…Do lesson plans, Get groceries…Order supplies…and Start wash to remind you of things at school.  Or, Pay the bills…Call your Mother…Pick up your son on the way home.

Here’s a list of things that I know you will not miss:

Wearing the aroma of Peanut Butter Cookies

The ‘Stop, Drop, and Roll’ safety video

Constantly repeating directions

Ordering and shopping for food

Bulletin boards and display cases

Lunch Duty

Constant interruptions from other teachers/staff…”Do you have … ?  May I borrow … ? I’ll bring it right back …

Organizing parent volunteers

The nauseating smell of someone brewing Hazelnut coffee in our classroom

I know this is your Recipe for a Happy Retirement:

Sleep late

Write stories and books

Relax by the pool

Eat out

We love you…you made a difference in all our lives!”

Does she Get Me, or what???

So, what was it like teaching with her!  Here’s my “retirement-rebuttal-roast” to her when she finally retired!!

She has always been a happy, smiling, wonderfully encouraging friend.  If she likes you, she lights up with a smile and a kind word the minute she sees you!

Then one day, out of nowhere, her thyroid decides to stop functioning and the best friend I knew and loved, LEFT for one whole year!!

In her place was a mean, arrogant, aggressive ogre!  Where had my sweet, loving friend gone?!?  We all still blame her that year for causing our other dear friend to have a heart attack!  He’s ok, but…Yikes!  All about disagreements over the Computer Curriculum.  Can you imagine?

Well, maybe we shouldn’t go there!!  Because, after a difficult year of praying for the right medicine adjustments for her, and just trying to stay out of her way, my sweet friend returned.  Yippee!

My husband asked her years ago, when she was going to retire…and, because she has two daughters, she told him she had two weddings she had to pay for before she could even think about retiring.  So he said, “Well, you should have had a plan!”  With that, coffee came pouring out of her nose, all over her desk, and she struggled to say, “This is my plan, working forever!”  So she’s retiring now, since her girls are married off!   Thank God…before she becomes one of those…you know…the ones who don’t know when it’s time to go!

Oh, P.S.-don’t worry about the spilled, snotty coffee all over her desk, it will eventually just disappear under the debris!  You can’t find a thing in that rat trap!!

Here’s her filing system:

A.   Day 1 of school in September-Take the empty, clean, cleared off desk, move it in place, load all papers, books, mail, folders, thread, needles, cooking tools, potholders, sewing projects, cards, money, buttons, markers, scissors, videos, dishtowels, memos, pencils, pens, food supplies, and grocery lists on top.  Keep piling ‘til last day of school.

If you ever saw her desk, you’d understand.   Some teachers freaked out, if they had to cover her class…we all stayed clear of that desk!

B.   Keep everything from your entire thirty-something years of teaching in your desk drawers.  Never, ever throw out anything!

C.  Day 124 of the teacher’s school year-Take your right arm, swish it across the desk sending everything into a big, kitchen garbage can!  Wheel the huge can of debris to the dumpster!

D.  Start over in September!

You gotta love that system!!  No sticky notes in sight!  Knows where everything is!  It’s all in that brilliant mind of hers!!  Wow!

My best friend is very easy-going and laid back, and since she had her children before I had my child, she taught me to apply that attitude to nutrition, housecleaning, and child rearing.  For instance, the time I had lunch at her house and her youngest daughter was licking Kool-Aid off the dining room table.   No problem!  She taught me never to be concerned about dust in the house, says, “Don’t disturb it, it’s good for the furniture!”  And, also, that Chocolate Chip Pie was okay to have for lunch, because you might not have room for it after eating…so better to have it before, or even instead of lunch!

It’s been very easy, and such a blessing over the years to be friends with this God-fearing woman…deacon of her church, who taught me so many important, sacred, life-changing phrases, like “Sometimes life sucks!”  I don’t think I’d have made it this far without her wit and easy laugh!!  That laugh (Well, really a cackle!) that you can hear all the way down the hall!!

I’m glad we ended up in the same crazy profession, teaching the same crazy subject, and most of the time working in the same crazy room.  No wonder I don’t cook, it’s overload!!  But it was a great ride and she always made the journey fun, and sometimes downright hilarious!  I miss it all, and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Dear friend…you made a difference in all our lives, and we are all better for knowing you.

If there’s anything I forgot to mention, it’s because I’m four years into retirement now myself, and I don’t have to tax my brain any more when I don’t feel like it!!  You’re going to love that part, too!!  I’m enjoying my “Recipe for Retirement”…thanks!I  Miss you and I’ll always call you my very special friend!

With all that constant friendship and companionship over the years, you can really see that we “Get” each other!

Now, stop and go listen to “You Get Me” by Zoegirl on their With All My Heart album.

Jesus is our Best Friend.

We must develop that constant friendship and companionship with Him also.

So we can say,

“Lord, you get me!”

The Ultimate Altar Call


At the end of a Holy Spirit-convicting Youth service, with the band playing in the background and leaders praying for the
Spirit to have His way, everyone is seated with their eyes opened facing the altar.

Those of you who gave your heart to the Lord at any time in your life before tonight…in Sunday School, at camp, in Kids’ Church, at a revival service, at home, by yourself, with your parents or grandparents…wherever, whenever…please walk down here to the altar and stand facing the congregation.

Praise God!! You are saved and going to Heaven because Jesus is your Savior!!

Now, out of those of you standing facing the congregation:  If you have learned that you are saved to serve the Lord, whether you knew that immediately upon giving your heart to the Lord, or at a later time God spoke to you about what He wants from you…

Praise the lord, you’re on fire for God!!

Jesus is the Lord of your life, you pray for His guidance, you read His Word, follow His commandments and ways, and He directs your path, you love Him with all your heart and are ready to be used by Him to reach lost souls. I want you to begin praising and worshiping Him, acknowledging His plan for your life, and ask Him to continue to lead you.

If you are standing facing the congregation, but after the initial time you gave your heart to the Lord, circumstances have caused you to pull away from Jesus, your first love, you’ve allowed your flesh to direct your path and you haven’t resisted the devil in your choices in life and he’s led you astray…I want you to turn, kneel down facing the altar and begin praying for a renewed mind that is set on Jesus and His plan for you, a changed heart, and new direction. He saved you to be a mighty worker in His Kingdom!  He has an awesome plan for you!!

If you are still at your seat, think about God’s love for you… it’s beyond all understanding!!  Look to Jesus for forgiveness of all your sins, feel your heavy burdens and how wonderful it will be when Jesus immediately comes to lift them and carry them away for you. Give Him your heart and He’ll give you His Joy.  If you want to be saved and have eternal life in Heaven…Jesus is the Way, ask Him to show you!

If this makes sense to you and is the desire of your heart, I want you to stand. He’s knocking at the door of your heart…just simply ask Him to come in and live in your heart, to take away your sins, cleanse you, and be your Lord and Savior!

If you are still seated, please remain seated with your eyes closed and tell God about your doubts in believing what He has planned for you.  Ask Him to show you how you can be close to Him and receive His Peace.  He won’t force Himself on you,  you may feel the gentle nudging of His Holy Spirit, but still it must be your decision.

Now, those of you kneeling, facing the altar…if you’ve received from God what you asked for…His power, His strength, His Joy to serve Him…then, stand and face the congregation with the others.  If you still need more time to pray, continue kneeling.

For those of you that are now standing, facing the congregation, it’s time for you to be used by God…YOU’RE READY!!!  God can and does use teenagers in His service!!  There is a ministry waiting for you. You are not too young!!  You will grow and mature as you serve! Start now to gain confidence in your place in the Kingdom of God to help others find the Lord!!

So now begin praying with someone who is kneeling by you, or go to someone standing at their seat who is ready to become a new child of God.


Along with our leaders, begin praying with others and for others!  Pray also for those who are still seated, that the Lord’s Holy Spirit will answer all their questions and satisfy all their doubts…that they will desire to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Then come stand in a circle at the altar, so we can pray for the Holy Spirit to empower teens with boldness and joy to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ everywhere they go!

This is the vision God gave me for our youth!