Mom, I Remember…



My Mom passed away a year ago now, on July 12, 2011 at the age of 90 years old…For her big 90th Birthday Party, on April 8th, 2011, I wrote this to honor her & celebrate my memories…


     Mom, I remember…When we were little, you got up early to finish all your chores, & pack us a lunch, so you could walk us to the park, & let us stay there all day!!

Mom, I remember…How upset you got when your kids were hurting!

Mom, I remember…How you called me “Renee-a,”  “Renee Joyce,” or “Miss Primrose,” depending on how much trouble I was in!

Mom, I remember…When you’d get us on the bus to Newark, tell everyone who’d listen, all our business, take me to Grayson’s Clothing Store, buy me clothes we couldn’t afford, & say, “Don’t tell Daddy!!”

Mom, I remember…When you told me, “Wear jeans (or dungarees, as you called them!) all week, if you want, but on Sundays, God wants us to dress nice!!”

Mom, I remember…How you told us that you were never embarrassed to take us to someone’s home…thanks for teaching us not to touch things that don’t belong to us!

Mom, I remember…How you told us to never forget about God, & how you got us ready on Sat. night, to be ready for Sunday School & Church each week…I know it wasn’t always easy waking up 4 kids/teens early in the morning!!  I do remember, though that getting the baloney curls in my hair, hurt…a lot!

Mom, I remember…When you told me, “Keep your house clean, if you don’t do it, who will???”

Mom, I remember… When you told me you were praying for me to have a baby girl, but loved your grandson Casey all the same when he was born!

Mom, I remember…When Casey had bad temper tantrums, you told me, “None of my kids ever had them!!”  …Right!

Mom, I remember…How you & Casey were always on the same “wave-length,” &  you would play all day long together!!

Mom, I remember…When my teachers would tell you how quiet I was in school, & you’d say, “Well, she’s not quiet at home!”  Now, I say that about you!  When people tell me how sweet my little, teeny, tiny Mom is…I tell them, “Are you kidding, she’s a little bulldog!”

Mom, I remember…This little plaque you gave me a long time ago…that still makes me cry,


So many times I looked at you

And saw me standing there.

I kind of smiled to myself…

Which really wasn’t fair.

To keep from you this feeling

How proud I am of you-

May all your dreams become

Fulfilled-as mine once

Did with you.

Thanks for being a great Mom…I love you, Mommy!

All God’s Blessings on your 90th Birthday!!

Love, Renee

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