Return Policy


Ever bought anything at Wal-Mart?  Of course you have!  Can you believe their return policy.  Bring in the receipt, return the item, no questions asked.  They don’t seem to care why you want to return it, they just seem so happy to have it back.  You’d think they’d be unhappy, since they sold it to you, and now that they have it back again, they owe you money.  I never mind returning something at Walmart… they never judge you…they just take the item back.

So, I checked their web-site to see if that’s really their Return Policy…here’s what it said:

“Walmart’s Return Policy

Our goal is to satisfy our customers by exchange, refund, or repair, as outlined in this policy.

As an added convenience for customers, Walmart has adjusted its return policy for the holiday gift buying season for items that have a limited return/exchange period (15 days, 30 days, etc.). For these items purchased between Nov. 1 and Dec. 24, the limited return period will begin Dec. 26. This includes items such as TVs, cameras, computers, DVD and music players which can have a 15-30 day return period.

Q:  Is there a time limit on RETURNS?

A:  Generally, we accept returns within 90 days after purchase. There are a few exceptions, including the below examples but not limited to these examples, to the 90-day rule:

  • Computers, camcorders, digital cameras, digital music players, e-tablets, e-readers, portable video players, GPS units, video game hardware, pre-paid cell phones, and post-paid cell phones must be returned within 15 days with a receipt.
  • Airbeds returned within 15 days with a receipt that are not defective and have been opened or used will only be exchanged for an airbed of equal or greater value.
  • Defective airbeds will be exchanged for an airbed of equal or greater value within 90 days of purchase.
  • Swimming pools, lawn mowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, air conditioners, power washers, compressors, and generators must be returned within 30 days with a receipt to obtain a refund or exchange.
  • Pre-recorded movies, music, and computer/video game software and circuit cartridges must be returned within 90 days in the original and unopened packaging with a receipt to receive a refund or exchange.
    • If the above-referenced items are defective, they can be returned within 90 days with a receipt and the original packaging. Defective units may be exchanged for another unit of the same title.
  • Defective pre-owned (refurbished) video game software can be returned within 90 days with a receipt and the original packaging. Defective units may be exchanged for another unit of a different title if original title is not available.
  • All perennials, tree and shrubs must be returned within 1 year with a receipt to obtain a refund or exchange.

Q:  Do you accept RETURNS without a receipt?

A:  Walmart, for several years, has accepted returns without a receipt, even though many of our competitors require receipts for all returns.  Walmart gives customers the option of a cash refund (if the purchase was under $25), a shopping card for the amount of the purchase (if it was over $25) or an even exchange for the product. Also, as applicable, we follow any manufacturer’s warranties.

Q:  Do you track RETURNS, do you place a limit on the number of returns?

A:  In the event that a customer has returned more than three items without receipts within a 45-day period, the cash register system will automatically flag the transaction, and a customer service manager or member of management must approve the return.  These cash register messages will remain for six months and will disappear if there are no more returns during that time period.”

Okay, now wait a minute…Walmart has a good return policy, but there are stipulations that I didn’t know about before doing  this research…they don’t take back everything, there are exceptions, they don’t take back damaged goods, there’s a time limit, they track how many times you return things, and you generally need a receipt that says you paid the price for the item before they will give you cash back, a gift card, or an exchange.

But, no such stipulations with Jesus!

Isaiah 44:22 KJV says, “I have blotted out as a thick cloud, thy transgressions; and as a cloud, thy sins:  return unto me; for I have redeemed thee.”

Return…we’re redeemed!

Pardon promised, sin forgiven.

He takes back everyone.

No exceptions!

Even damaged goods.

He repairs and restores lives.

There’s no time limit as long as there’s breath.

He doesn’t keep track of wrongs.

He has already paid the price.

He exchanges our stoney heart for a brand new one.

Gives us a “Get Into Heaven” card.

Stop…go listen to “Take You Back” by Jeremy Camp from his album Restored.

What a message…what a return policy…He’ll take us back!  Always!

Do you need a good return policy?  Come to Jesus…

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