We’re Champions


Photo by Glyn Kirk/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Headline:  Els Wins British Open After Scott Crumbles by Published:  July 22, 2012

After being six strokes back with nine holes to play, Ernie Els won the Claret Jug and his fourth career major victory.

Yes, I watched the British Open today, because my husband’s an avid golfer, and that’s what we watch in our house!  I ran an errand after church, so I just caught the end of the Tournament, as my husband was saying, “Ohhhhh,”  just as I walked in the door.

“What happened?”  I asked.

“Adam Scott was so close, but lost by one stroke,” he moaned.

Just as I was going to ask again, “What happened?”

The commentator said, “This is what happens when golfers forget to take their eyes off the obstacles and to just focus on the goal!”


So Ernie Els won the British Open…his fourth major championship…when the third-round leader, Adam Scott, bogeyed the final four holes.

Els, the popular South African with a catchy nickname, “the Big Easy,” is one of the most likable of the PGA professionals.  It has hardly been easy for Els to get his hands back on the claret jug.  This was his fourth major championship, but his first since 2002, when he won the British Open at Muirfield.

The Commentators were so excited!  Knowing that Els has had personal obstacles to overcome over the years, they found it remarkable that he had won a major Tournament in each of the last three decades.


“What’s the secret?” they wanted to know.

“I guess it’s perseverance, ” Els said, “I’ve been here a longtime!”

“How do you feel at this moment?” was their next question.

“Well, I’m very emotional,” Els said, “I’m happy to win and be standing here, but I feel for Adam Scott, he’s a great friend of mine.”

His good friend, Adam Scott, is a talented 32-year-old Australian.

This surprising victory came for Ernie Els at age 42, because he managed to keep his focus.  Golfer of the Year!

Sweet triumph!

“Young bucks don’t win it all the time,” my husband said, “The headlines should read…Experience Shines At Lytham St. Annes, England Today!”

“A lot of people, a lot, a lot of people never thought I would win, and I started believing this year,” Els said. “I had a lot of help from a great team, all the way from my family to the professional people around me.”

What’s our goal?

To reach Heaven?

What do we need to know?

Take our eyes off the obstacles and just focus on the goal…don’t crumble…

Persevere…be there a long time…overcome obstacles…keep going…don’t quit…experience is so valuable…

Be emotional when we triumph…even when people didn’t think we would…no matter what age we are…

Be emotional…if our friends miss the mark…speak truth into their lives now while there’s still time…don’t let them lose, even by one second…

Keep believing in God…start believing in ourselves…get our hands back on the prize…even if it’s been awhile…

Surround ourselves with a great team…

Stay focused…

Enjoy our sweet triumph…our major victory…Heaven…

We’re champions with Christ…more than conquerors…yes, we’re winners…

Endure to the end…

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