Working On My Behalf…


Come, take a look inside my house around 11 am on most mornings…

Shhhhh….be quiet!

I’m still sleeping.

And my husband is just sitting in his (as we call it!)  “goon” chair…watching the Yankees, or something, on TV.

When I finally get up….this is how I find him!

I could assume that he’s lazy, doing nothing, and resent his inactivity, if not for the fact that I know he’s been working on my behalf while I was sleeping restfully!

He’s an early, early riser…and I  definitely am not!

My reason?

God allowed me to retire after 26 years of teaching and getting up at 4:50 am each school day morning.  I did it, but I hated it.  Because getting up that early, means you have no life after 6 pm…you’re too tired to think by then.

So now, I enjoy my retired schedule…I have a teenager’s schedule…I stay up ’til 2 am and get up by 11 am…Fits me so much better!!

If I have to substitute teach, or be somewhere, I go to bed early, and  set my alarm to get up.  Works for me!

Anyway, back to my story…

I’m fast asleep…while my husband’s got all this activity going on at the crack of dawn…he cooks a meal, checks the weather (watching for storms brewing in the Gulf), makes his grocery list (so he can be the first one to the stores when they open, because he hates crowds), takes out our garbage, makes sure everything’s secure inside and outside our house (retired cop, you know!), checks our sprinkler system, feeds all the neighborhood birds with fish from when he fishes across the street,  goes to the bank, to the post office, to Publix or Sweetbay (he’ll go every day…getting 10 items or less), Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club, does the yard work, sees to the car repair, and does whatever needs to be done each day for our family!!

I know, I’m blessed!!  Ha!

To have him working on our behalf!

God’s like that, too.

We’re blessed.

But, we pray.

And when we don’t see anything happening, can’t see Him working, can’t feel Him moving, can’t see anything being accomplished…

We conclude that God is not working on our behalf.

But all the while, He was up early even before we whispered a prayer…getting done all that concerns us for our day.

For today.

And tomorrow He’ll do the same thing.  Amen!

We need to trust.

That He’s working on our behalf!

On your behalf…on your family’s behalf…on your ministry’s behalf…on behalf of all that concerns you.

If we are God’s children, we have a connection to God!

He’s working on our behalf…so we can rest easy & relax in His care.

Listen to the song “YOURS” by Steven Curtis Chapman

It’s all His, so that makes it all yours, too!

So thank Him for working on your behalf…thank Him for your family, your job, your church, your friends, your calling…

Lord, I thank you for my healing, for my peace, for my joy, for my capacity to love and feel compassion for others, for my desire to please you and encourage others to love You…

Is it me working?

I jump out of bed in the late morning with my usual “Things-To-Do” list…

And I find supper-done!



Yard work-done!

Our cars repaired and running-done!

Garbage taken out-done!

Dog fed-done!

And on and on…

Let’s wake up with that assurance about God, too!

I read this once in an e-mail, printed it out, taped it to my printer, and I can see it from right here where I sit!

“Good Morning All!  This is God! 

I will be handling all of your problems today. 

I will not need your help. 

So relax and have a great day!”

Psalm 66:5 (NIV)  “Come and see what God has done, how awesome His works in man’s behalf!”

 Since He’s working on your behalf…You’re done!!

Now relax!

I heard Pastor Reza Safa preach the other night on TV…a sermon called It’s Yours.

“Don’t beg,” Pastor Reza said, “God’s done it all for you already, by sending His Son Jesus to die for you!

Accept what  Jesus’ death and resurrection did for you.

He’s just waiting for you to accept His gift.”

Accept it.

He’s always working on your behalf.

Just because we don’t see or feel Him working…

I assure you…He is.

So we can rest easy.

Relax in His care.

He’s got everything under His control.

He’s gotten up early and orchestrated your day already.

Each day, every day, day in & day out.

One day at a time.

Step out in faith.

You’ll see.

God does work on your behalf!

Leave me a comment…what has God done on your behalf lately????

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  1. God gave me a blissful, restful summer after taking care of my dying father for 4 months. During those months, each day he was with me, reminding me that my weakness was His strength. And during this summer he gave me rest and peace. School starts again next week. You know the feeling…but for now, I’m thanking him for this peaceful summer. Thanks for a great post.

    • This is when the world looks at you and says, “How can she have such peace after what she’s been through???” We’re weak…but He’s strong…no need to fight…just rest in His care!! It’s so beautiful, right?

    • Thanks Holley!

      I share all your daily e-mails…& encourage everyone to follow you…and then I add my two-cents of …”Yup, this is a good one!” “Read this…it’s really good!” or “Oh, we needed to hear this today, girls!” Keep the encouragement coming each day…

      I had to get up early each day since last Thurs., OUCH!!

  2. Like your post and point that we don’t always see good or bad working and it is. My husband, Bob, takes care of food shopping, etc. as does your husband. I call my Bob, Mr. Wonderful in my blogs. claudiajustsaying

    • You’re blessed, too!!

      My Mom did everything in the house…my dad was a carpenter & worked hard, for sure!! But he didn’t “know how to boil water”…as my Mom would say! Ha! But truthfully, if my husband didn’t do the things he does for our family around the house, I couldn’t do the things God asks me to do!!

      Let’s both give our hubbies a BIG hug & kiss today! God Bless!

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