Crisis Averted!


Yup, Isaac’s headed our way!!!  Even if it skirts the west coast of FL…we’re on the wrong side of the storm!

Praying it goes further into the Gulf, & then dissipates!!

Our shutters are all up…my husband and son are bringing in all our lanai furniture right now…they cleaned out our old dog’s pen area outside of things that could be projectiles…we have waters, food, medicnines, dog food, etc  all ready!

We probably won’t have work on Monday.  Pray for the electricity to hold, so we’ll have AC…& water!  And internet would be nice, too!


On top of all that, my precious Siberian had a very scary seizure last night around midnight…

My son was asleep…and heard some loud scratching noises that sounded to him like hail!!

He got up to find our Husky flailing violently and foaming (drooling?) from her mouth!


We didn’t have a clue what to do!

My husband tried to see if she was choking on something, so he stuck his finger down her throat, & she bit him!

He’s bleeding all over the place…screaming out (policeman-type) orders!  “Turn on the lights, see if she ate something, find this, go get that!!”  Etc., etc., etc.!!

All this…and I had just fallen asleep, gotten awakened suddenly, and couldn’t even think!

I rushed to get the vet’s number…my eyes wouldn’t even focus!!

My son called the emergency vet number…they said bring her right in!

I knelt down next to my precious little girl, and just prayed, and prayed, and prayed to Jesus!!

“Please help my baby…please stop the seizure…please give her a long life…please help us to take good care of her…

We love her…Dear Jesus!!

Thank you, Lord!”

She’s used to this…I pray with her, and for her, each morning when I get up…”Dear Jesus…”

When she hears that, she calms down…gets restful and peaceful while I’m praying!

I pray for her to be safe…for Jesus to place a hedge of protection around her…for her not be stung by a bug…or bit by a spider or snake, for her not to eat a “lizzy” from out on the lanai, not to break any bones, not to run away, not to get hit by a car, get kidnapped, or get taken from us!

She always sits quietly while I’m praying!

So finally after praying…her seizure stopped, and she started to calm down…Praise God!

We tried to get her to drink water by using a little squirt bottle…

Water, drool, and blood were all over us, and all over her, too…Yuk!

Finally, she got up, walked around the house, and pooped a large mess of diarrhea!

But, thankfully, it was on the tile, and not on our carpet!!  Amen!

My husband and son took her up to the emergency vet to get some seizure medicine…

While I cleaned up the mess!

But, I couldn’t fall back to sleep for a long while…I kept praying…

Then this morning, they took her to our vet to get blood work…we’ll get the results in a few days…

She’s seems fine now!  Praise God!

This might be the one and only seizure, or she could have them periodically…please pray for her, too!

This all goes with my blogs from last week…”Life Happens…More Abundantly!!”  And “Hurricane Preparations!”  Ha!

But when all is said and done…in a crisis…in situations where you don’t have a clue what to do…

All you have is prayer…

And it is enough!

It’s your best resource!

Especially when you can’t focus…

Because as your prayer goes up…power from Jesus comes down…right into your circumstances!

He calms you and sends His peace…

He hears and He acts!  Amen!

I pray for that same hedge of protection around my husband, my son, our friends and families, our church, our schools, our house, ours cars, our finances, our jobs, our community, or country, etc.

And…I pray those prayers for what concerns you also!

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  1. Wow, you are in the midst of a lot of trials. How is your dog doing now?

    I completely understand how you felt during his seizure. Our pointer had a seizure and went blind one night in the Nevada desert after drinking some poisonous water. We thought we were going to lose him. We prayed and prayed and by the grace of God he ilved and can see, although he does sometimes show slight residual effects.

    • Yup…Isaac passed us by…Thank God!! Still praying for all hurricane issues for New Orleans…

      Thanks for your concern for my precious dog…. it was so scary! Her blood tests showed no issues neurologically, or Lymes’s, or anything…the only thing the vet found was borderline low thyroid, so we started her on pills yesterday…2/day for 3 mo., then retest!

      But, interestingly, I got to thinking about her new Heartworm med, Trefexis…that we just started on Aug. 10th…read label, called manufacturer and talked to them about the caution that said it could cause seizures, though it rarely does. Not going to give her that again!!!!!! Brought meds back to vet & got what she’s been on before! We’ve had 4 Siberians, not one had a seizure, then we give one Trefexis tablet, & within less than 3 weeks our dog has a seizure out of the blue! Too much of a risk for me!! We thought we were going to lose her! I always pray for the Lord to help us take good care of her!

      She’s fine now…thank God! It took a lot out of her, though, she was exhausted ’til Sunday afternoon! I prayed so hard at church!! Praise God…He answers prayers!

      So blessed that your precious pointer is well, also!!!! God is good!

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