Love Came Down…


We love you!

Your birth was the greatest moment in our lives!

We wouldn’t have ever wanted to miss this experience in life!

We’re so happy!

We’re glad we never gave up…

That we had faith that God would give us a miracle!

Before you were born, after we’d set up your crib in our guest room, we’d say, “Hey, there’s a crib in there!”

We weren’t used to it.

It was just the two of us for so long.

But, we were ready!

Afterwards, when you had to stay in the hospital a while longer, we’d say, “Where is our baby?”

We’d see your empty crib…and long to have you finally come home!

Why did you come into this world so early?

I guess you saw us setting up your room and decided it was time.

At least we know you’re all right!

We saw your heartbeat at five weeks.  I had some surgery at 13 weeks and ultrasounds all along the way.

We found out you were a boy, and had a fetal echocardiogram at 20 weeks.  You’re fine!

This pregnancy was the best experience for us!

We worried and prayed and it was hard work, but it was all worth it in the end.

We’ve waited 10 years for you!  We prayed every night for Jesus to give us a precious baby.  We went to many doctors and hospital appointments, and you were worth every effort.

Our IVF egg retrieval procedure was on Valentine’s Day!  The nurses brought me a cupcake after dinner with a plastic Valentine heart on it…I still have it!

The transfer was done on Feb. 16th, and I had to lay on the table for three hours.

Then I had to rest for 13 days before a blood test was done,  and then wait for the results.  I took a lot of days off from work that year!  Grandma and Grandma were cautiously happy, as was everyone else who was waiting anxiously for the news with us.

We were told to call the Fertility Center at University Hospital to get the results of our pregnancy test.  But, there had been a fire, and the computers were down, so we couldn’t get the results ’til the next morning…it was very hard to wait.

When we got the news that the pregnancy test was positive, both Daddy & I cried…we were so thankful…it must have been the love connection with Valentine’s Day, we thought!  Ha!

At our big BBQ, before you were born, friends came from Wisconsin, and other friends from work,  & one friend said, “You’re fat & your feet are so swollen.”  Though everyone else thought I looked great…maybe he knew you were coming early.

I had tried to keep to the Diet Center diet as much as I could (since I had just lost 30 lbs. the year before).  But I gained 10 of those back because of the Pergonal fertility drug I had to take.

We decided on your name early, and called you that as soon as we knew you were a boy!

My water broke and you were born 9 weeks early, at 3 lbs.-4 oz., but perfect in every way!

You were so tiny, all of your five little tooth-pick sized fingers fit inside Daddy’s wedding band!

We were expecting a miracle & got one!  Amen!

Daddy, Mommy, & Baby makes three!  Yipee!

We didn’t know you were coming so soon, so Daddy had to go back and forth from the hospital to home to get everything we needed.

He’ll be a great Daddy…

We sent out announcements, “He’s here and he’s all ours!!

When I came home, you had to stay in the neonatal ward for about 6 more weeks.  Everyone called and brought presents .  Daddy, or friends and family, took me every day to see you at the hospital, since I wasn’t allowed to drive for a while.

You were so precious…you tried to open your eyes when you heard our voices.  You could hold onto our fingers, and  you loved for us to touch your “toesies.”   Dad and I called the hospital about you every day.

Then, one day, the neonatal nurses (who are real angels!), let me take you out of the incubator to fed you through a tube, and then change your diaper.  We bought you a wind-up musical  toy that played “Lullaby,” and also put a picture of us in your incubator.  You loved to be rocked and patted.  Dad said he went to see you one night after work, and you turned over to look at him!  You were born with a lot of dark hair and looked like my Dad & my cousin Tommy.

We have a lot of photos of your birth, so we can look back and remember how ecstatic we were at that moment of your birth.

We cried…

I don’t think we believed we would ever really have you until that exact moment!

People who saw you as a preemie, later told us you looked like an alien…Thank God they didn’t tell us that at the time!  Ha!

We thought you were beautiful.

Love came down…

And embraced our lives…

The moment God gave us this miracle, this gift, this answer to our prayers of 10 years.

A healthy, happy baby…

We pray every day for Jesus to keep you healthy and  happy…and close to His heart.

We love you so much.

And did from the very moment of your conception.

We pray you’ll always loves us and God.

We’ll try to be the best parents for you,  and always tell you how very loved you are!

The peaceful, calm feeling you created in me will last forever!

We love you!  Mom and Dad

Do you think God felt this way about the birth of His Son?

I think He did!

Isaiah 9:6 NIV   “For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given…”

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    • Thanks!! My miracle is now 22 years old, and is still blessing me every day!! My Mom said to me one day back then…while we were going through all our testing, procedures, etc., “Maybe it isn’t the will of God for you to have a child!” I stopped and thought for a moment, and said, “Yes, I believe it is!”
      I’m so thankful that God’s opinion came in loud and clear! Never give up hope, after God has spoken to your heart about something! It will come to pass if we faint not!!

      • Yes, listen to what God speaks over what any other person in your life is saying. I developed endometriosis after we had my daughter. I did not go nearly as far into medical treatment to become pregnant as you did. It is very trying to experience that, and it was especially for me emotionally at times. After years of medication and surgery, we decided to ‘accept’ that God was closing that door. As I sat to pray about it with my daughter one evening ~ she so desperately wanted a sibling ~ I had no idea I was finally pregnant. The pregnancy itself was just as much of a journey. Now I tell my 20-yr old son and anyone who will listen that God is very much in the business of miracles! I am always encouraged to hear how God intervenes in peoples’ lives so that all credit, all glory goes to Him. I am certain your daughter is quite a blessing!

      • My son!
        I’m planning on finally having a “daughter” when God brings a wife into the picture for my son! Amen! I’ve been praying for that “miracle” since the day he was born! That God would be helping her grow in the Lord at the same time He’s leading my son…that she would love God with all her heart, soul, and mind…love my son…and love us, too! Ha!

        I would LOVE being a Grandma, when God says it’s time!!

        God answers prayers…so why not pray? God does miracles…so why not BELIEVE!! I’m so blessed to hear you didn’t stop praying and believing, either!

        I love talking with you…Overwhelmed By Joy!!

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