Can You Stand?


Sunday’s message at  the church we visited while on vacation was…

“The Word Stands, So Stand On The Word!!”

The Pastor said…

“Get in the word, and let the Word get into you!

Faith=See what God promises…

See new possibilities!!

You get what you see…

And what you believe!

Don’t doubt!

Believe WHEN you pray and then get it!

Not just pray and get!

You must believe first!

All God’s promises are ‘YES’ to us!

He is the Lord who heals us!

FAITH sees only what God promises…

Not the problems!

The Word is living!

The Word is the Sword of the Spirit needed to win the battle!!”

I don’t know about you…

But I have friends and family who need miracles of healing right now as I write this…

Thank you Pastor Leonard…I was so blessed by this powerful message!

So I’m sending it along to everyone!

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