“Let There Be Light!”



See those shutters on our windows to the left in the photo???

I’m so grateful for them!!

They’ve been up since June!

And when the winds start blowing, the rain starts falling, and the storm surge starts threatening…

They are a beautiful thing!

When we first moved here…

We didn’t order them for our house…

Hadn’t had a major hurricane in forty years…

 The locals said!!!

“You’ll be fine!”

Of course, Hurricane Charlie proved them wrong!

And three more major hurricanes right after that…

That infamous year!

We were shell shocked!

We “survived!”

Thank God!

But, we were not “fine!”

Sooo, we have shutters now!

They’re an ugly silvery gray color…

But, when needed for our protection…

I love them!

Now, at the first inkling of a tropical storm brewing in the Atlantic…

Around June/July…

My husband, retired cop that he is…

Goes into “there’s a crisis” mode!

And now we all know the drill!

Board up, get supplies and cash, and hunker down…

We did that once this hurricane season…

But, the storm passed us by…

Praise God!

Lots of work…

But, we must be prudent for our safety!

Unfortunately, this year (and two years ago) our East Coast family and friends…

Know the drill, too!

We’re still praying for them!!!

And all of you that were affected!

Well, it’s November…

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, my husband took down our storm shutters TODAY!

It is officially (at our house, anyway!) the end of hurricane season!!


Amen and Hallelujah!

“Let There Be Light!”

I can see sunshine again!

I’m free of our dark “dungeon-effect!”  Ha!

I can see Palm Trees blowing in the mild breeze!

And the beautiful view out back!

Psalm 4:6

“…Let the light of your face shine upon us, O LORD.”

Psalm 18:28

“You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning…

My God turns my darkness into light.”

John 12:36

Believe in the light

That you may be the Children of Light!


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