These Are A Few Of My Favorite Christmas Things….


The Christmas Wreath I decorated with all my favorite “God’s Scenery” photos that  I’ve taken!!

The Christmas Tree I made decorated with all my favorite photos, and my favorite beach toppers!

My cute little Nativity Scene to remind me that Jesus is the reason for the season!

11-23-12Christmas Decorating 002

My table is set…the gifts are ready!

11-23-12Christmas Decorating 005

My Crazy Siberian Puppies have invited some friends to join them for Christmas!!

A perfect lunch with good friends!

12-1-12 Walka-Alligator lights! 042

Our light-up Christmas Alligator!!

12-1-12 Walka-Alligator lights! 045

Now you know we’re truly Floridians!!  Ha!

Have a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas, Everyone!

From Our House To Yours!

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