My Princess Siberian’s Christmas Photos!


“Merry Christmas!!  Ahhh Whooo!

12-13-12Onyx 019

Well, they did have a Santa’s hat on my head, but I chewed it up!”

12-3-12 Onyx 005

Uh! Oh!  Evidence!

12-13-12Onyx 001

“And now I’m exhausted from all this photo taking!”

12-3-12 Onyx 004

“The boy quickly took this photo of me with a tiara on my head with his iPhone, while the Mom was holding me!”


“I’m not happy!

Do other family members have to endure this indignity at Christmas time?

11-23-12Christmas Decorating 049

“I’m Outa Here!!

But, they do think I’m adorable, don’t they?

And I usually get some tasty treats, if I’m good!!

12-13-12Onyx 003             12-13-12Onyx 004                12-13-12Onyx 005

Is it this crazy at your house, too??

People can be sooo hard to live with, huh?

But, I hope you love your family as much as I love mine!”

12-13-12Onyx 006

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