Happy 6th Birthday, My Sweet, Precious, Little Girl!!



You were born on January 8th, 2007

We brought you home in March…

You kept us up all night…

’til August!!

Onyx & mom '070001

Mom could barely find time to comb her hair…

or brush her teeth…

It was just like having a new baby in the house!

Casey & Onyx '070001

Ahhh…a sweet, precious, little baby!!

Onyx & Dad' 070001

A very playful baby…

Who loves the pool!!

Onyx & Dad 2 '070001

And hangin’ with Daddy!

Onyx & dad golf course '070001

Or, maybe learning to drive a golf cart!!

dad & Onyx watching tv '070001

Let’s watch a little TV!

Dad & Onyx sharing a Ritz '070001

But, don’t touch my chewy!!

Onyx's chewy '070001

I like sharing a Ritz with Dad!!


And relaxing on my chaise lounge!

Onyx & book0001

I’m done reading my book!

Onyx & birds0001

So can I go out on the golf course and play with the visitors????

Happy Birthday, My Sweet, Precious, Little Girl…

Even now, at 6 years old…

You’re still quite a hurricane in our lives!!

And, we love you more than ever!!

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