Sitting On The Fence? Ouch!



(I received this photo through e-mail…photographer unknown!)

Who owns this adorable dog???

The people in the brown house?

Or the people on the other side of the fence?

Is this dog coming home?

Or running away?

Who owns you?

Jesus or satan???

Are you coming home?

Or are you running away?

Get off the fence!

Sitting on the fence hurts!

It hurts us, and it hurts others…

Lack of commitment to Jesus holds us back!

We can’t help anyone…

Or disciple people from the fence…

Satan keeps us bound to it!

We can only help others from a position of total freedom…

Of true liberty in Jesus…

From our position at the foot of the Cross!

Are we too complacent to make an effort to get off the fence?

Choose Jesus!

Encourage others to get off the fence, too!

Help them see Jesus’ glorious face…

At the gate ahead in Heaven…

Show them His love in you…

Point them to Heaven…

So they can turn their back on hell!

It’s the right direction to receive abundant blessings…

From our Lord and Savior.

Jump off the fence!


All the way off!

For once and for all!

Into the arms of Jesus!

And stay as far away from the fence as you can!

Stop trying to run away!

And go home!

*Based on my previous post Straight To The Gate

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  1. Haha!! I had a feeling you would use this furbaby!! This speaks loudly to me today as I jumped off the fence of lack of commitment and recommitted to my home church! :)) So glad God placed you in my life!!! Love you sister in Christ!!! Ox Ox!

    • Yes, thanks for forwarding that to me…one because it’s a Siberian!! And two because it got me thinking and listening to God! Glad you got off the fence of “no commitment.” Years and years ago, I spent a lot of time in that land! Not anymore!
      I look forward to all our talks about Jesus, too!

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