You Know You’ve Embraced The Florida Lifestyle, When…


Lido Key 12-12-11 113

This is your “cloudy” day!

2-19 to 2-10-13 Gilchrist & First Baptist Outreach 081

This is your lunch guest!

2-5-13 Lanai 001

This is your backyard!

(With a pool an “expensive hole-in-the-ground!”)

Where a live alligator has visited you on your lanai after the hurricane…

Before the lanai screen could be replaced!

12-31-12 Walk 019

This is you, everyday…

  Not just on your day off!

1-16-13 Walk 021

You expect your year-round weather to be “not so hot,” “hot,” “very hot,” and “intensely hot”…

12-31-12 Walk 020

Another baby boomer, who just retired, has just moved in next door to you…

And you know their grandchildren have already embraced the FL lifestyle, too!

Jane's house 11-14-11 005

Your sailboat “dock ornament” is taller than your house…

3-12-13 Yankee Game! 049

You look forward to March…

So you can see your favorite NY team!

3-12-13 Yankee Game! 117

Play the FL favorite during Spring Training!

3-12-13 Yankee Game! 146

You enjoy being with so many New Yorkers, again!

3-12-13 Yankee Game! 149

And you wait for Joe Girardi to smile!

3-12-13 Yankee Game! 121

“Cause his team WON!!!

3-12-13 Yankee Game! 163

And you truly believe Jesus is a Yankee fan!

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