My Simple Everyday Prayer…


4-29-13 Gilchrist park 051

Here’s a definition of my recent days…

Pulled in a thousand different ways…

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 134

At a loss for words to explain…

The need to relax, and rest my brain!

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 054

Lord, I come to You for peace…

Make all my cares, and worries cease…

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 135

So many opportunities abound…

To share Your Love all around!

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 101

Help me know which ones to choose…

(Please make them my passions, desires, talents, and gifts)

Not just my obligations, or “have-to’s!”

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 111

Help me stand strong, and not spread my life too thin…

With commitments, and busyness where I can’t win…

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 139

Help me to see that You’re in control…

When tempests come, and friends cajole!

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 114

To trust Your Word, and Your Voice…

To find the path where I can truly rejoice!!

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 141

Where do you want me five years from now?

What will I do to get there, and how?

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 118

Help me fulfill Your plan for me…

No matter what obstacles I see!

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 058

To be in Your Image I must not fret…

You have never, ever failed me yet!!

4-29-13 Gilchrist park 131

Thank you, Lord!

I feel better already!!


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