Did You Hear The One About The Aspiring Comedians?


Stage 2 Improv

Warming up!!


Photo/Info-Courtesy of:



The cast of…

Stage 2 Improv

(From left) Michael Santos, Judith Gangi Santos,

Guy Glover, Kate Ebaugh, Steven Johnson, JamieLynn Bucci, Casey Debrowski (my son!!!), Nancy Swartz and Brad Goetz.

Take My Life…Please!

Locals with a funny bone are trying their skills at Improv.

The Naples Players school ends this week…

And the big test…

With a live audience…

Starts next week!

P.S.  See web-site for dates, times, and details, if you’re in the Naples area!!

Stage 2 improv…

Is a Naples-based improvisational theatre group…

Featuring scenes, games, and songs that are created right before your very eyes!

If you liked the television show “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”

And the improv troop, The Second City, you’ll love this!

The actors utilize information given by the audience to build the show!

Every scene and game is driven by suggestions from the audience…

Some games may even feature audience participation!

You never know what an evening will bring…

Which makes each show different from the next!!

Stage 2 Improv

Was founded in the winter of 2012…

By Judith Gangi Santos and Mike Santos…

(co-founders of the former comedy group Naples City Improv).

Here’s my son’s bio!!!


I’m Casey.

I like math and theater.

And improv.

I really like improv.

I like cheese too.

It’s good.

School = FGCU graduate.

I act there sometimes.

I improv there lots of times.

Work = Teaching.

Acting = Dog Sees God and Our Town.

I have a snake and a doggie.

They’re cool.

Thanks to all my friends and family for keeping me as insane as I am.”

The crazy family he speaks of…that’s us!  Ha!

Break a leg?!?!?

Why do they say that???

“Love you!”


“God Bless!”

Seems safer to me!!

“And so

He will make you happy

and give you something

to smile about.”

Job 8:21  CEV

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