Visiting Naples? Go See “Stage 2 Improv!!” Hilarious!!


6-2-13 Casey's Show! 001IMPROV:




Opposite of:


Or routine!

As in,

“That comedy skit was a totally unrehearsed improvisation!”

So every show is different!

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 003Voted “Best Live Theatre” (Including professional venues) in Southwest Florida 10 years running

by the Naples Daily News SW Florida Choice Awards,

ranked as one of the Top Ten Community Theatres in the United States.

Today The Naples Players stage more than 220 performances a year,

many of them sell outs.

With a subscriber base of more than 4,000,

and children’s program that reach over 600 children annually…

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 005Sunny Naples is a popular, sophisticated and charming beach destination on the Gulf of Mexico.

It boasts many world-class hotels and resorts along miles of white sand beaches.

The ocean surf is gentle and the people are friendly.

Shoppers delight in searching for antiques, home furnishings, clothes and jewelry.

With its beautiful neighborhoods and grand architecture, the atmosphere is elegant, yet relaxing.

Sports enthusiasts spend glorious days pursuing their favorite activity, from golf to tennis to fishing.

There are restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

Even though it is a busy and cosmopolitan city, Naples offers easy access to secluded islands

and the wilderness of the Everglades.

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 010Sugden Community Theatre

The Sugden Community Theatre is the home of The Naples Players,

a community theatre located in the City of Naples in Southwest Florida.

Our actors light up the stage with musicals, comedies, dramas, children’s’ theatre, original plays and much more.

From the artful to the thought-provoking,

The Naples Players provides affordable quality entertainment.

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 011Great Theatre Review:

“One of the best, if not the best, community theater in the country.

The quality of the shows…

the talent here is superior to most ‘professional’ theaters.

This is one of the better things about Naples.

Go see a show or two here.

 They also offer classes in all things theater.

They have an amazing kids program.

Also, there are occasionally concerts and film programs.

Great staff and amazing volunteers.

Oh, and you can volunteer…

actor, backstage, tech.

Check out their website.”

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 014Caricatures of the Stage 2 Improv cast…

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 013That’s our boy!!

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 015Cool set design!

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 018Relaxing atmosphere!

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 021Gets you right in the mood…

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 023To LOL!

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 029The usher and the stage manager are part of the act!!

6-2-13 Casey's Show! 032The Playbill!!

And the Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar…

  We won for driving the greatest distance to see the show!

Here’s a You Tube video tour of 5th Ave. in Old Naples!

Go see the show…you need a good laugh!!

“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter,

and your lips with shouting.”

Job 8:21

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    • Thanks Jane!!

      Casey’s having such fun with this!! The couple who direct this show are very talented and funny! I met her Mom & Dad…& the little old ladies who came to the show on Sun., just loved Casey & talked to him for a long while after the show!! Old Lady Groupies!! Ha!

      It’s such a fun show with hilarious audience participation! Very well received by everyone!

      If you were here, we could go to the show together! Have a safe trip, and let’s do lunch when you get back!

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