DEBUNKED! God won’t Give Us More Than We Can Handle


Dear Lisa, This is the best explanation of this misconception that I’ve ever read! I just looked it up myself recently while writing a post…we Christians need to be so careful… in ministering to people…what we say MUST be Biblical!! This is a great post!! I’m going to reblog it on mine!! God Bless!!

Reality Of Christ


I once knew a women who maneuvered her way through a very difficult situation. Her husband divorced her and left her for another woman. Sadly, he left behind four children, and the young woman was left to tend to them alone. She was a stay at home mom prior to her husbands betrayal, which meant she didn’t have a job or the money to care for her family. She then proceeded into the workforce to find a job, however, in the process she tragically injured her back. She was left with no husband, no job, no money, and excruciating back pain. The pain became so dreadful that there were times she could not walk, let alone take care of her family.

This sweet woman was a dear friend of mine, and I remember coming over to her house on many occasions because she could not physically do things on her…

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  1. He gave me way more than I could handle to teach me how to trust in Him. We were “Hall” girls, able to carry the weight of the whole world…always looking for more to add to our pile. He had to allow me to buckle under the weight of it all before I’d quit trying to do His job! These days I cry “Uncle” in a hurry!

    Thank you for reblogging this – and thanks for stopping by Lessons. Excuse me while I go poke around here a bit. 😉

    Praise Jesus!

      • 🙂
        Been there, done that, have a closet full of T-shirts! Life with Jesus is so exciting. I can’t imagine what it would be like without His purpose for my life.


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