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“Enjoy Your Freedom” by Holley Gerth

photo by n11a11m

photo by n11a11m

For many years, freedom sat like an unopened present on the shelf of my heart. I looked at it a bit suspiciously. From time to time, I’d pick it up and shake it so I could try to figure out what was inside. But I never had the courage to open it.

Then God said it was time. He placed my hands on that box, helped me untie the ribbon, peel back the paper, and lift the lid.

And here’s what freedom looks like to me this summer:

Being able to laugh out loud.

Friends who accept me as I am, mess and all.

Sitting on the back porch watching fireflies.

A nap.

Knowing I can make mistakes and then try again.

Grace spread out like a picnic and God handing me a paper plate.

Freedom given is not complete. It’s only when we receive it, enjoy it, give thanks for it that becomes fully ours.

The fourth of July in America is a day for celebrating freedom–please do.

And let’s also celebrate the freedom God has given us every other day too.

Open the gift and enjoy what has always been yours, friend!



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What does freedom mean to you???

Open your gift of freedom from God!!

And Enjoy!!!


Galatians 3:22

“But the Scriptures declare

that we are all prisoners of sin,

so we receive God’s promise of freedom

only by believing in Jesus Christ.”

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