Father’s Day Devotion – Leadership


Pastor, I love this post on Leadership!! It’s so important!!

Settled In Heaven Blog

SIH STSTA ICONOur families are falling apart due to a lack of Godly leadership. Our political world is crying out for a sincere, honest leader.  Churches are falling into error and modernism because they have no strong leader to show them the right way.  Our world is crying out for genuine leadership.

Before I go any farther, it is important for me to define what I mean by a “genuine leader”….

What makes up a genuine leader for our families, governments and churches?  I believe a genuine leader is someone who will seek to follow the Lord’s will in every decision that he makes; someone who loves those he is responsible to lead; someone who will ALWAYS put his personal interests second to the interest of those he is leading; someone who will attempt to work for our peace while not sacrificing our security in the process; and  finally, someone who seeks…

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