It’s a saying


Soooo beautiful!!

Emerald's Notebook

A man looks over at the girl with a long hair, great figure, smiley and pretty face and nice as well

He walks over; tries to start a conversation and then numbers are exchanged,

Soon the girl expects his call daily, although pretending not to,

Soon the constant chat over the phone turns out to a movie at the O2 or the theatre or a concert at the Barbican, the night ends with a good night that lingers while some with a kiss

And this saying comes to place “I love you”. Oh no, you don’t!


Another man sees a girl, probably have attended same university together for a year and have similar lectures, he finally gets to talk to her and doesn’t take long to say these words “I love you”. Again, I say you don’t.


There are others who just speak with you for the first…

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