My One Year Blog-A-Versary!! July ’13


How should I celebrate my…

Entrance into the blogosphere???

I’m going to first of all thank my son…

For thinking of it…

Setting everything up for me…

Supporting me…

Mentioning me on FB…

And constantly answering my technical questions!!


I’m going to let him…

Post whatever he wants!!!

So here goes!!!

So my Mother, the very same one you all so love for her blog posts,

wanted me to write something for her “Blog-A-Versary.”

I told her I didn’t think that was a real thing

to which she replied “Well, I’m making it a thing.”

Thus, her Blog-A-Versary was born.

She instructed me to have some sort of guest post written by the beginning of July,

so she would have time to “get it ready for my Blog-A-Versary” [sic]

I asked when she REALLY needed it by (myself being a procrastinator)

and her answer was a hard deadline of July 13th her actual Blog-A-Versary (or so she claims).

Enough backstory.

Here I sit, proudly, on July 14th, to compose a special guest post for my beloved Mom. 

She is, as I’m sure you all have found out, sort of a strange one,

but endearing.

I always get questions from her about how WordPress works (much to my chagrin)

and the ways of computers.

I’ve become the unofficial tech support for my family, friends, and half my neighborhood.

My Mother, at least, learns.

Some people just don’t know how to take instructions.


But she’s so supportive in all the crazy things I do,

I’d be a super-jerk-face not to help with her blog-o-things.

Enough backstory.

Here I sit, proudly, on July 14th, to compose a special guest post for my beloved Mom. 

One thing I wanted to talk about real quick is the difference between hating sin and hating the sinner.

This is something that’s really bothered me a lot recently.

As a Christian, there are certainly things that people do that I don’t agree with.

I’m not going to specifics chiefly because my opinion of what’s right and wrong doesn’t matter.

But what I’m talking about is not a religious thing.

What I see so much in the world now is people hating people.

Now, seriously guys?

That’s not cool.

I completely understand disagreeing with someone’s opinions,

but that’s no reason to shun the person.

It’s not my place to judge people.

It’s not my place to condemn anyone or to speak ill of them.

It is, however, my place to be kind to everyone.

Everyone has the right to make their own choices on what they’re going to believe in (or not believe in).

I can tell people my beliefs and explain them if they want,

but I can’t hate them for anything they believe.

Everyone’s done things they’re not proud of;

everyone’s messed up in the past.

What’s normal to some is not normal to everyone.

Keeping a person down and trying to make their life tougher

to try to “scare” them into agreeing with you

is no way to make an argument for your case.

You really want someone to share your opinion?


Being mean is a horrible way to get your point across.

I’m talking to everyone here,

whoever you are

and however you choose to identify yourself.

All I’m saying is that people are still people,

no matter what.

If you think they’re wrong?

Yup, they’re still people.

If you completely disagree with how a complete stranger

chooses to live his/her life?


That’s still a person.

Take a step back

and try to put yourself in their shoes.

If you still can’t see eye to eye,

you can still be friends,

you can still be courteous.

Just because someone disagrees with you,

they’re not automatically an enemy.

So hey, everyone, just chill out a little.

As a wise woman (my Mother of course) once said to me,

“If it’s not life and death,

it’s not life and death.

Don’t worry about it.”

7-7-13 Golf Course 151

Fly little bird…


Ephesians 4:32

“Be kind and compassionate to one another,

forgiving each other,

just as in Christ God forgave you.”

Colossians 3:12

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people,

holy and dearly loved,

clothe yourselves with compassion,

kindness, humility,

gentleness and patience.”

1 Peter 3:9

“Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult.

On the contrary, repay evil with blessing,

because to this you were called

so that you may inherit a blessing.”


9 responses »

  1. Great message from your son and I certainly agree with him on hating sin not the sinner. Also on being the tech person around. I totally understand the feeling. I am from an Info Tech background and studied that for Undergrad and Postgrad (taught) about to do my research in Cyber Security, I know how it feels being that one person to do almost all the computer works in the house. In fact, my Dad gets me to fix his laptop when anything little happens, even if it’s MS Word that was unable to save a file, somehow, I have to generate that file loool. Enough said

    Happy Anniversary or ‘Blog-A-versary’ should I say. 🙂 How has your blogging experience been like?
    Mine is two years now 🙂

    • Thanks!!! He’s a great kid, great teacher, great man of God…I pray every day he keeps his heart close to Jesus!!

      If you lived close to me, I’d pick your computer brain, too!!!! Ha!

      I absolutely LOOOOOOVE blogging!!!!! I find, though, that I can spend hours at it, and not realize the time has gone by…and Ugh! chores do not get done!! I believe I would write almost non-stop, if nothing else needed to be accomplished!! God gives me so much to say!!

      God Bless you on your two years of blogging for the Kingdom of God!!!

      • Lool. I understand that too. I love blogging but never get the time to. Good thing you are able to share God’s words as often as possible. I wish I had that opportunity.
        Currently, I am in Africa doing some Info Tech stuff and can’t wait to get back to England in the comfort of my home to bloggg. 🙂

        God bless you and I pray your blog brings more people to Christ and those already there, keep them in his love.
        I pray your son continues to grow in the wisdom of God for God’s glory always. Amen!

  2. Renee, I personally have been so blessed by your sharing on your blog. Thanking you for following our Lord Jesus Christ and sharing with us what He is revealing to you. You just may inspire me to set up a blog for myself and if I have any questions with the procedure, I know just who to call, Oh Casey!

    • Thanks so much, Jenny…I really appreciate that!! I think you and the kids should go at it!! You could write, add artwork or photos, and impact the world for Christ!! Amen!!

  3. He’s certainly a sheet of paper off the old notepad! (Chip off the old block didn’t work as well ;))

    Great post! How kind of him to take time to think through and then write a guest blog for you.

    Happy Blog-a-versary! May there be many more.


    • Yes, (you’re very clever!)he and I are similar in our love of kids, teaching, reading, and writing…and then he’s like my husband in other ways. I always prayed he’d inherit the best of our traits! Ha!! And he knows his Bible from doing Junior Bible Quiz for several years when we first moved to FL..such good training!! He’s my gift from God!!

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