Boo Hoo! Stage 2!!


7-25-13 Naples 054

This was my last time to see Stage 2 Improv…

Tonight’s their last show!

Boo Hoo!

So I took their photo to remember them by:

Thursday, July 25th’s Cast of

Stage 2 Improv,


(Back row, left to right):  Rosie Spinosa, Steven Johnson

(Front row, left to right):  Casey Debrowski (my son!), Judith Gangi Santos, Michael Santos,

Synthia DuBose, Kate Ebaugh, Christy McLaughlin (music coordinator)

The shows were great!

Perfectly funny!!

“Stage 2 Improv has been so widely popular…

It’s a Naples-based improvisational theatre group


featuring scenes, games and songs


that are created right before your very eyes!


If you liked the television show Who’s Line is it Anyway?


and the improv troop The Second City,


you’ll love this!


The actors utilize information given by the audience to build the show!


Every scene and game is driven by suggestions from the audience.


Some games may even feature audience participation!


You never know what an evening will bring,


which makes each show different from the next.”

See more at:


The cast is hilarious!

Keep checking their web-site for future craziness dates!!

“The Naples Players

continues to provide respite from the summer doldrums here in steamy Naples….

For 15 dollars you can go downtown

and see a group of personable,

quick-witted young (or at least young-ish)

performers play the improv game…

I’m rather in awe of the quickness on display here…

So go,

lighten up,

get out of your air-conditioned cave,

venture to Fifth Avenue South

and have some goofy fun.”

For the entire review in Collier Citizen, go to:

Even good things must come to an end!

Though I’m praying they’ll come to teach our drama team…

All their funny antics!!

Psalm 119:96

“To all perfection I see a limit,   

but Your commands are boundless.”

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