All Of Creation…Sing With Me Now!


My sister, who lives in Brooklyn, NY…

Just e-mailed me this gorgeous sunrise shot…

She took of the city from her apartment!

She said God woke her up early to see it!

It was as if God was saying…

“Good morning…

My Child!!!

Have a Blessed Day! 

I’ll be taking care of everything that concerns you today!


I’ve started with the beautiful sky above you! 

Tomorrow, I’ll provide you with another spectacular display!!”

Isn’t God awesome!!!

Psalm 118:24

“This is the day which the Lord hath made;

we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

(this was my Mom’s favorite verse!)



Wherever we are…

We’re joined together by  the sun rising and the sun setting each day!

I love knowing my sister’s sharing God’s wonders at the same time I am!

At the same time you are!

Whether we live in the city, at the beach, in the mountains…


Let’s do this life together!

Let’s start each day together…

Let’s end each evening together…

Let’s plan our next day together…

By prayerfully…

Looking at God’s amazing Creation…

And asking…

“What can I learn about God…

And His Character…

Through what He loved us enough to Create for us to enjoy!!”

One of the things I love about living in Florida…

Is that while it’s hot, steamy, rainy, and buggy right now!  Ha!

Most of the time, we wake up to Sunshine!  


And Hallelujah!!

It gives Hope…

As we rise to go to work, school,  or get the kids ready for their day…

That His mercies are new each day!


Declare that God will protect us…

And give us peaceful sleep…

Calms our spirit down…

As He blankets the earth with radiant colors!

Let’s not miss His beautiful gifts!

Stick around for the magnificent views of the stars and the moon, too!!

Separated until the veil was torn

The moment that hope was born

And guilt was pardoned once and for all

Captivated, but no longer bound by chains

Left at an empty grave

The sinner and the sacred resolved

And all of Creation sing with me now

Lift up your voice and lay your burden down

And all of Creation sing with me now

Fill up the Heavens

Let His Glory resound

Time has faded and we see Him face to face

Every doubt erased

Forever we will worship the King

The reason we breathe is to sing of His Glory

And for all He has done

Praise the Father!

Praise the Son!

And the Spirit in One

And every knee will bow

And every tongue

Praise the Father

Praise the Son

And the Spirit in One

6-12-13 Sunset-Rainbow 038

Psalm 113:3

“From the rising of the sun

unto the going down of the same

the Lord‘s Name is to be praised.”

6-12-13 Sunset-Rainbow 072

Isaiah 45:6

“…so that from the rising of the sun   

to the place of its setting

people may know there is none besides me.   

I am the Lord, and there is no other.”

6-12-13 Sunset-Rainbow 034

Praise the Father, Praise the Son, and the Spirit in One!!

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