Come Into His Presence! Glorious!!!!!!


5-22-13 Gilchrist 147

Jude 1:24

“Now all Glory to God,

who is able to keep you from falling away

and will bring you with great joy

into His Glorious Presence

without a single fault.”

5-22-13 Gilchrist 153

He’s Holy!

He deserves all…





Respect His Splendor…

With Awe



(We did this song as a human video drama several years ago at Fine Arts Competition)

Start Dancing!!!

Psalm 100:2

“Worship the Lord with gladness;   

come before Him with joyful songs.”

5-22-13 Gilchrist 164

Psalm 95:2

“Let us come before His presence

with thanksgiving,

and make a joyful noise unto Him with psalms.”

5-22-13 Gilchrist 041

When you come into His presence
Lifting up the Name of Jesus
And you hear the music playin’
And you see the people praisin’
Just forget about your worries
Let your troubles fall behind you
Don’t you wait another minute
Just get up and on your feet and

Get to dancing
Singing, jumping, leaping
Get to shouting
Make it loud, and make it Glorious
Start rejoicing, praising, lifting, raising
Get to shouting
Make it loud, and make His Praise
Glorious! Glorious!

I was created
To make Your Praise Glorious!
I was created
To make Your Praise Glorious!

Yes I was!

Yes I was!!

5-22-13 Gilchrist 056

Psalm 16:11

“You will show me the path that leads to life;   

Your Presence fills me with joy   

and brings me pleasure forever.”

5-22-13 Gilchrist 038

Is His “Presence” in our lives?

He’s near to us…

Are we close Him?

Be filled with His Spirit!!

Think His thoughts…

Walk the walk…



Gain His perspective on our lives…

Know what’s really important…

And what’s insignificant…

In His Kingdom!


Joy, Peace, Contentment!

5-22-13 Gilchrist 042

Exodus 33:14

The Lord replied,

“My Presence will go with you,

and I will give you rest.”

5-22-13 Gilchrist 149


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