Graduation to Heaven!


Great post!! My Mom passed away two years ago, and one month later, I heard her call my name one morning…in a young beautiful voice, not her 90 year-old voice, so I knew she was well, and with Jesus!!

My family’s all saved, so I don’t question where they’re going…that gives me such peace…and it’s so encouraging to talk to them while they’re here on earth, and receive their spiritual guidance!!

Whenever we go through stuff…God finds a way to use it to help others in His Kingdom…You just did that…for many people!! Thank you! God Bless!

I have one son…I’ve told him right off…when I get sick…first of all, there’s always hope…call every prayer warrior you know to my bedside…and PRAY!!! If God answers by healing me…Yipee!! Enjoy my company now!!

If not, and I’m going Home…plan a Home-Going celebration with music and laughter, and all those of all ages who loved me!! I’ll be watching in the Arms of Jesus!! I saw a celebration like that for one of our choir members several years ago…that’s how I want to go to Heaven!!

And I want to leave a legacy for God’s Kingdom, so carry on, son!! Amen!!

Mustard Seed Budget

My dad (father-in-law) died yesterday. You ought to congratulate me. He’s in Heaven.

Do people cry for a touchdown? For a grand slam? For the World Cup winning goal? Do they cry at graduations? Well, maybe they cry tears of joy.

Yet graduation to Heaven exceeds each of these earthly joys. Finally, my much-loved dad shed his decrepit body and put on his glorified form. Heaven’s for Real  suggests that people get the best, youthful version of themselves in Heaven. Is Dad bowling already?

Call me weird. But I just can’t cry. Sure, I’m going to miss him, but I have no misgivings about eternity. It seems to me that people cry only because of their doubts. I mean, if the evolutionists have it right that we are just bio mass with self consciousness until we cease to exist and get eaten by worms, then yeah, wail and howl…

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