So, Give It To Me Straight!!


9-16-13 Walk 005

I want the truth, and nothing but the truth…

Do you like your news candy-coated…



Are you seeing through a glass darkly???

Or do you prefer the truth???

Telling me I’m  a “good” person…

That God loves me…

Without telling me…

What He hates…

What displeases Him…

Is only telling me a half-truth…

There’s a Hell to avoid…

And a Heaven to help populate…

I need to know that…

How can I avoid going to Hell???

How can I get to Heaven???

The truth will set me free!

I’d rather a kid say, “I want a cookie.”

Than steal a cookie!


Believe that Jesus is the One Way…

He’s the Voice of Truth!

Forget a sugar-coated Gospel…

Give me…POW…the Truth!

Encourage me to ask God the tough questions!


What do you want from me???”

He’ll answer…

“I want your heart…

Your love…

Your time…

Your life…

Your everything!”

Telling me I have to give up too much to give that to God, is nonsense…

Telling me there’s no joy in this journey is a lie!

Telling me God is not a jealous God is ridiculous…

He wants all of me!

Telling me a Holy God doesn’t care about Holiness…

Is going to send me straight to Hell!

Whose voice are you listening to?

A voice of lies???


The Voice of Truth!

1 Corinthians 13:12  MSG

“We don’t yet see things clearly.

We’re squinting in a fog,

peering through a mist.

But it won’t be long before the weather clears

and the sun shines bright!

We’ll see it all then,

see it all as clearly

as God sees us,

knowing Him directly

just as He knows us!”

9-8-13 Walk 015

Psalm 40:11  AMP

“Withhold not Your tender mercy from me,

O Lord;

let Your loving-kindness

and Your truth

continually preserve me!”

9-8-13 Walk 020

Romans 2:6-8  NIV


‘will repay each person according to what they have done.’

To those who by persistence in doing good

seek glory, honor and immortality,

He will give eternal life.

But for those who are self-seeking

and who reject the truth and follow evil,

there will be wrath and anger.”

9-8-13 Walk 021


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