The Fields Are White…


What a breathtaking view from where I’m sitting!

9-26-13 birds on golf course 021

Matthew 13:38

The field is the world,

and the good seed stands for the people of the kingdom.

The weeds are the people of the evil one,”

9-26-13 birds on golf course 022

Let me get a closer look!!

John 4:35

“Say not ye,

There are yet four months,

and then cometh harvest?

behold, I say unto you,

Lift up your eyes,

and look on the fields;

for they are white already to harvest.”

9-26-13 birds on golf course 026

Luke 10:2

“He told them,

The harvest is plentiful,

but the workers are few.

Ask the Lord of the harvest,


to send out workers into His harvest field.'”

9-26-13 birds on golf course 019

The fields are white!!!

John 4:36-38

“Even now the one who reaps

draws a wage

and harvests a crop for eternal life,

so that the sower and the reaper

may be glad together.

Thus the saying

‘One sows and another reaps’

is true. 

I sent you to reap what you have not worked for.

Others have done the hard work,

and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.”

9-26-13 birds on golf course 009

Lord, let me see what You see in the fields of the world!

9-26-13 birds on golf course 012

Let me be as hungry as birds after a rainfall!

9-26-13 birds on golf course 013

To see Your Kingdom come!

9-26-13 birds on golf course 014

Exodus 23:16

 Celebrate the Festival of Harvest

with the first fruits of the crops

you sow in your field.

Celebrate the Festival of Ingathering

at the end of the year,

when you gather in your crops from the field.”

9-26-13 birds on golf course 016

Psalm 126:6

“Those who go out weeping,   

carrying seed to sow,

will return with songs of joy,   

carrying sheaves with them.”

9-26-13 birds on golf course 018

 John 12:32

“And I,

when I am lifted up

from the earth,

will draw all people to myself.”


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      • I’ve been working part-time…and thought maybe you had returned home…I seem to only have time to work and sleep! I know you’re busy with God’s work, too! Love your poems..very inspiring! God Bless!

      • Thank you kindly. I started work upon my return from Africa. I am doing the Lord’s work alongside however. It has been amazing to see God work in people back in Africa. Unfortunately, I was unable to share pictures due to the sensitivity of cases I had to deal with. I am looking to teach children in Burundi computing. I pray it works out when the time comes. God bless you. How’s your part time work going?

      • I understand! I have a friend who is a missionary in Israel…and at times we are instructed about sensitive issues in his e-mails!

        This year I’m only working 2 days instead of 3 at the Christian school, and I like it a lot better! Also, this year I’ve been filling in for the Principal, so she can get her paperwork done. So I’m in the junior high/high school class where my son is the other teacher! We get along real well, and the kids are very good workers, each student works at their own pace on the computer.

        On the other day, I work in the elementary class with kids from 2nd to 5th graders. It’s much more lively and fast paced…and quite exhausting!! Ha!

        I look at it as a ministry from God…I love working with kids/teens/young adults,and I love the people I work with, but, I truly cherish my days off!

        God bless you for your Kingdom work!! Amen!

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