I love this post, too!! Once God tells you He wants you the work with kids, teens, and young adults…He sends helpers!!! Praise God! This is exactly how to train them to be of help!!

The Task At Hand

I was trained when I was 12 on how to be a helper during children’s ministry activities. That training, and the rest of the training I have received in subsequent years, has been vital to my life and ministry. But, I’m finding more and more that the training I received growing up is not something that is commonplace anymore. One of the main issues I have in children’s ministry isn’t even the children; it’s the helpers! Or, lack thereof. I train children’s ministry workers, but I feel like there should be a manual specifically written to the helpersin a classroom. So, here’s my basic manual on how to be a helper at any children’s ministry event. These are things that I expect from myself and the people I work with:

  • Participate with the children! If you expect them to play a game or sing a song or do…

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