Get Out of Your Way


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Lessons by Heart

{The next few posts are messages I received from the Lord over the weekend. Because they were from Him to me, I wrote them in the first person. I share them with you in case you needed the same talk!}

I have a purpose in mind for you, I have a goal, a position just for you.

Search your heart for that dream I planted in you before you were born. Do you even remember what it was? Or have your critics and time buried it?

Know this: no one can prevent you from fulfilling my purpose for your life –

except you.

Hagar couldn’t.

Joseph’s ten brothers couldn’t

Potiphar’s wife couldn’t.

Saul couldn’t.

The Pharisees couldn’t.

Pilate couldn’t.

Nero couldn’t.


(Have you ever wondered how Death could be thrown into the Lake of Fire? Is death an entity – not a state of being??!)

No one…

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