Today I choose Joy


I celebrate with you for finding joy in the trials!! Peace is a beautiful thing…and yes, it will show on your face!! Thank God! Amen!!


peace joyIf you are like most people, you find the months of October through December as the most hectic time of the year. That is generally true for our family as well…plenty of celebrations, holidays, and several family birthdays in December just for added stress fun. This year the mayhem began a few months earlier. We don’t get to schedule emergencies, do we?

It began with an exacerbation of my MS that meant approximately 6 weeks of traveling by wheelchair or walker. Not bad by normal standards for me, but still, those can never be planned in advance and I never know how long they will last. Next came health issues for family members on both sides of our families, some major and some minor. Flu, several surgeries, and much more.

We are also assisting someone during a transitional stage in their life. As part of this we started the transformation…

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