Lord, You’ll Never Get Fired From This Job!!!


My husband and I were talking the other night…

“I love you!”

Thanks for _______!!

Thanks for doing the_______!!

And fixing the_______!!

But, you forgot to_______!!

Well, you know how this conversation goes! 


So he says, “Oh, No!

I guess I’m fired from this job!?!?”

Is he kidding???

I answer, “Oh, No!

You’ll NEVER be fired from this job!!!”

Let’s think of all the things I’d have to do myself!!


Grocery shop!

Fix the cars!

Take care of the landscaping!

Throw out the garbage!

The list is endless!!!

I love him for who he is…

But I also get the added benefit of what he does!


I love You for who You are!!!

And I love and appreciate all you do!

Without You…

I’d have to totally take care of myself…

I’d have to heal myself…

I’d have to know all things…

I’d have to be everywhere…

See everything…

Especially the BIG picture!

I’d have to overcome my own sinful nature!

I’d have to grow and produce my own fruit of the Spirit!

I’d have to depend on my own wisdom!

I’d have to decide which path in life to chose, for myself…

By myself!

Without Your Divine Guidance???

Can’t do it!

I can’t see Love without Your eyes?

No one can comfort me with Peace like You can!

Who would calm my mind in times of trials and storms?

Help me discern right from wrong?

Teach me to know and understand the Truth from Your Word?

Who will care for me…

My husband, my son, and my family…

My ministries from you, my job, my home, my finances, etc.

Who would make up for all my weakness!?!

By showing up strong!

Who will determine which “work,”

(And how much, and how often I should do it!)

To put action to my faith…

So I don’t get stressed out!!

How will I get rid of all my sins?

Who else can give me my divine purpose here on earth?

Who will get me ready for eternity?

How will my mind be renewed???

How will my heart be purified???

How will my life be sanctified without YOU???

When will I know it’s time to…

“Step out in faith???”

How can I learn to quiet my busy life?

To hear with my heart

To obey when I hear, “Yes!”

And even when I hear, “No!”

To wait with patience for the Holy Spirit’s gentle whisper??

To listen closely…

Even when You’re silent!

The list is endless!!!

Me Without You???  What A Mess I’d Be!!

Just today, I messed up…again!!

I know me!

There’s no me without You!!!

Lord, you’ll have this job for eternity!!

“I’d be packing my bags when I need to stay…”

You’d better “Steal My Show,” Lord!!!

I give you the right to direct my life!

I shouldn’t be in charge of something so important!

Hey, you!

Don’t you try to live without Him either!!


John 15:5

“I am the vine;

you are the branches.

If you remain in Me and I in you,

you will bear much fruit;

apart from Me you can do nothing.”

Philippians 4:13

“I can do all things

through Him

who strengthens me.”

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