Ok, Please Shut The Refrigerator Door Up There!!

1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 002
Your freezing cold temperatures are affecting our warmth!!
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 005
It’s a cold, windy 46 degrees here in FL right now…
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 015
Feels like 40…
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 023
The high today was 69…
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 024
We all have our winter coats, hats, and gloves on!!
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 025
Shut your refrigerator door up there…
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 026
You’re lettin’ out the cold!!


And it’s leaking down to us!
I know you don’t feel sorry for us!!
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 028
But I’m sending prayers of warmth for all of you!!
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 029
God must feel bad that we don’t get any snow…
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 037
So He made our clouds look like snow today!!
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 044
Such a nice backdrop for our Palm Trees!
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 045
And it looks like our Evergreens have a dusting of snowflakes!
1-3-13 Walk (cold!!!!) 047
He really knows how to put on a show, huh???
Psalm 19:1
“The Heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”

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    • Brrrrr….Yup, I was “freezing” while taking my walk getting those gorgeous photos!! The wind was whipping so much the other night, the palm trees were banging against our windows all night long!!

      I don’t know how you can cut my hair, if your hands are frozen!! Ha!

      • I’m trying poor chase keeps getting ice stuck in his paw… I never thought I would consider doggy boots, but may have to protect his cute little paws 🙂

      • Yes, everything’s on sale now…good time to check it out!! I know when we lived in Sussex County, NJ, many people put boots on their dogs because of the rock salt they put on sidewalks, driveways, and roads to melt the snow & ice. Bad for dog’s feet!

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