See Ya Later, Alligator!!


9-21-golf course-alligator 095

I’m taking a leisure walk on the golf course!  Yikes!!!

9-21-golf course-alligator 098

I think I woke someone up!

9-21-golf course-alligator 102

I’m trying to get across the bridge before he sees me!

9-21-golf course-alligator 103

But, seems he’s more afraid of me today, than I am of him!

9-21-golf course-alligator 104

Time for him to go for a nice swim!

9-21-golf course-alligator 108

I really love my golf course backyard!!

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    • Yes! I’m here!! I was just thinking of you lately!!!!!! You beautiful soul, tell me all that’s been going on with you, your family, & your ministries!! I was teaching part-time at a Christian school for several years & couldn’t find extra time to blog! Now, I’m working at my church as drama team pastor, teaching adult Sunday school, & Wed. night Kids Club! I’m in the process of writing 3 books that the Holy Spirit told me to write…the first one “Beach Blessings” is being printed now. For the second one, “Let God Build It,” I’m just waiting for the graphic designer to design the cover. And the third one, is a Christian children’s fiction, called “The Little Star That Couldn’t Shine,” & I’m waiting for the illustrator to finish her work! Some of each book has chapters based on posts from this blog. I’ll will be posting them here, as they get published! Very exciting, but certainly not for the faint-hearted!! Thank you sooo much for checking on me, dear friend! Love & Blessings!

      • Good day beautiful rose. All is well. So much growth has taken place. I’m closer to you now. We are in Georgia. My family of 2 children has grown to 4. My oldest is in New Jersey. He is 18 now. WOW continues to grow daily. The women’s ministry is now My Sister’s Keeper. I’m still preaching and learning from home. My second oldest is a “masterbuilder”. He builds and creates with lego bricks. My daughter is 6. She dances, sings, teaches, and loves God. My 1 year old is a drummer and chef. He turns the pots into drums and then cooks. I’m so glad to hear from you. You were on my mind heavy and I kept saying where is she Lord. Then I subscribed to a blog and that led me to the list of all the blogs I’m subscribed to and the holy spirit said look and I saw your name and I screamed with joy and said there she is. I’m excited about your writing journey and your ministry. Doing the work of the lord is life. Thank you for being willing. Email me so we can stay in contact. I love you.

      • Hi, Bella! Check out my latest post about my 1st published book, “Beach Blessings!” Soooo exciting, Praise Jesus!! Been hard at work, selling books!

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