My Three Babies!



Have you purchased a copy of each, yet???

Bundle price for all three:  $35 (+tax & postage)

(*You save $13!)


Can also be purchased separately…

Beach Blessings-$15

(*My thoughts about God, with photos as I walk FL beaches…)

The Little Star That Couldn’t Shine-$13

(*A delightful children’s story about our purpose to shine for Jesus…)

Let God Build It-$20

(*A God’s-Help book with photos, about the importance of a legacy of faith in the building process of our lives…)


They each make great gifts!


Please comment below, so I can give you more details…


Blessings!  Renee

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  1. Hi Pastor Renee,

    I pray that this correspondence finds you and your loved ones well during this difficult time🙏🏾

    My name is Rasheeda and I would like to purchase your 3 titles ‘Beach Blessings’, ‘The Little Star That Couldn’t Shine’, & ‘Let God Build It’ for the discounted price of $35 + tax & postage.

    Please send info on how to do this to Thank you.

    Peace & Blessings,


    • Dear Rasheeda! Thank you soooo much for your inquiry about my books! Praying you are safe & well, also! Unfortunately, I do not have any copies of my books left to sell! I donated the last few copies last year to nursing homes & nursery schools in my town. I thoroughly enjoyed the years it took to write them, get them published, & get them sold! Then, my life got busier with leading our Drama Team Outreaches at church, & I made the decision not to pursue writing any more books at this time! I didn’t have as much time to even post on this blog!
      Blessings to you & thank you for contacting me!! Pastor, Renee

      • Greetings Pastor Renee,

        I pray that this correspondence finds you well and prosperous in the Lord! Please pardon my very delayed reply as I thought that I replied to you when you got back to me last year.

        All praises due to the Lord on your endeavors with the Drama team you are working with. May you all reap a harvest for the Lord and His Kingdom!

        I have actually been able to keep the copy of ‘Let God Build It’ that I came across. Your family story and heritage is quite rich! I thank God for your heart and obedience in writing and publishing such a great, beautiful and helpful work. At the instruction of the Lord, I am in the process of writing a few books to glorify Him so I use ‘Let God Build It’ as a resource for inspiration, renewal and rejuvenation.

        Therefore, if you don’t mind, I would like to keep in touch every now and then just to say hello and offer each other prayers and words of encouragement along this journey of serving the Lord and His Kingdom on Earth.

        Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Body of Christ!



  2. Thank you sooo much, Rasheeda, for your kind words! I’m sooo pleased you were able to obtain a copy of my book & are able to use it for inspiration in your writing! I’m sooo blessed to hear that you have been led by the Lord to write, also! Yes, please stay in touch! Blessings, Renee

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