My Three Babies!



Have you purchased a copy of each, yet???

Bundle price for all three:  $35 (+tax & postage)

(*You save $13!)


Can also be purchased separately…

Beach Blessings-$15

(*My thoughts about God, with photos as I walk FL beaches…)

The Little Star That Couldn’t Shine-$13

(*A delightful children’s story about our purpose to shine for Jesus…)

Let God Build It-$20

(*A God’s-Help book with photos, about the importance of a legacy of faith in the building process of our lives…)


They each make great gifts!


Please comment below, so I can give you more details…


Blessings!  Renee

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  1. Hi Pastor Renee,

    I pray that this correspondence finds you and your loved ones well during this difficult time🙏🏾

    My name is Rasheeda and I would like to purchase your 3 titles ‘Beach Blessings’, ‘The Little Star That Couldn’t Shine’, & ‘Let God Build It’ for the discounted price of $35 + tax & postage.

    Please send info on how to do this to Thank you.

    Peace & Blessings,


    • Dear Rasheeda! Thank you soooo much for your inquiry about my books! Praying you are safe & well, also! Unfortunately, I do not have any copies of my books left to sell! I donated the last few copies last year to nursing homes & nursery schools in my town. I thoroughly enjoyed the years it took to write them, get them published, & get them sold! Then, my life got busier with leading our Drama Team Outreaches at church, & I made the decision not to pursue writing any more books at this time! I didn’t have as much time to even post on this blog!
      Blessings to you & thank you for contacting me!! Pastor, Renee

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