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My Son’s Funny Face Is In The Paper!!


Casey newspaper0001

And in addition to funny faces…

He and the entire cast of Stage 2 Improv also have…

Wits, brains, and comic timing!!


They know how to get a laugh!!!

To see another funny photo, go to:


To view of video of one of their rehearsals, go to:


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“The show is directed by Michael Santos and Judith Gangi Santos

(co-founders of the former Naples City Improv).

Stage 2 Improv features scenes, games, and songs

that are driven from suggestions by the audience.

Each show is created on the spot,

So no two shows are ever alike.

The Stage 2 cast includes:

JamieLynn Bucci, Kat Ebaugh, Judith Gangi Santos, Brad Goetz,

Steven Johnson, Randy Jones, Meg Pryor, Michael Santos,

Nancy Swartz, Casey Debrowski, Synthia Dubose, Guy Clover,

Bukki Sittler, Rosie Spinosa and Corey Walker.

Performances will be Thursday – Saturday at 8 p.m.

at Sugden Community Theatre.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students to 18.

The theatre is at 701 5th Avenue South, Naples.

Visit naplesplayers.org or call 239-263-7990.”



 WHAT:  90 minute, fast-paced show with local actor/comedians in silly games, skits and nonsense riddles.

SOMETHING ELSE:  Don’t be shy, don’t suggest boring things, and always say the first thing that comes to your mind.”


“Co-Director, Mike Santos carries a large portion of the show;

his infectious energy feels like a live wire

let loose into his fellow cast members and the crowd.

Whether emceeing the silly skits

or trying to guess

how you speed-walk

with otters as shoes,

he makes the show.”

A sample question to the audience:

“What do you like to do?”



“Walk on the beach?”

Go ahead…

Try to make a zany skit out of that!

But, the cast can do it!!!

“These are the dangers of audience participation.

Especially in Southwest Florida.”





 “We are proud of our show

and what we have accomplished so far,”

Mr. Santos says.

“We’re grateful and excited for the continued support of the community.”




Proverbs 15:30

“A cheerful look brings joy to the heart,

and good news gives health to the bones.”


7-15-13 Longboat Key 023

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7-15-13 Longboat Key 033

Scenic Old Naples!!