Give Me A Sign


I love being a Christian.

I love serving the Lord.

I love to fellowship with other Christians.

I love treating all people the way Christ would, with compassion, love, and understanding.

I love meeting other Christians…wherever I go.  I want to know if everyone I meet is a Christian.  Not to judge anyone, or guess.

I just want a universal symbol, a sign, a word that we can all agree on.  I don’t want to know what denomination  they belong to,
whether they haven’t been in a church for a while, or whether their grandmother was a believer.

I just want to know point blank…are they a follower of Christ.

Do they know Jesus personally?

Is He Savior of their soul, and Lord of their life?

Are they ready for eternity?  For Heaven?

Wouldn’t it be an awesome sight to see millions of symbols, and automatically know those people know what Jesus did for them when He died on the Cross.

No sign?  Then love them, and pray for Holy Spirit to draw them, and change their hearts.

When their free will prevents them from believing in Jesus Christ, and going to Heaven, respect their free choice.

Only God can know a heart.

But, just let me tell you this…it’s great to be a Christian!

It doesn’t stop me from doing what I want, because what I want is for the Lord to do His will in my life.  My desires are His desires.  I want my thoughts to be His thoughts.  I want His Plan for my life.   I’m not deprive, I’m lifted from my burdens.

Those who don’t know Jesus, have chosen to carry their own burdens, and I’m sorry, because I remember how heavy they were
for me.

I’m saved from sins that weigh me down. They’ve chosen not to seek forgiveness, so they feel guilty, and the Bible tells us they are guilty.  So was I before I was reborn with God’s Holy Spirit.

I trust Almighty God…the God of the impossible.

Who do they trust?

I follow Jesus, my Physician, my Shepherd, my Redeemer.

Who do they follow?

I believe in the Holy Spirit, my Comforter, my Counselor.

Who do they believe in?

Why be empty, lonely, forgotten, and beaten-down?

He is the lifter of our head, and the lover of our soul.

Why not be forgiven, loved, and cherished?

Why would I want them to carry all those heavy burdens, when I know how they can lay them down?

Why should I let them perish, when I know Jesus can rescue them?

It’s about a change…a change of heart, a change of mind, a change of
attitude, a change of direction.

Allowing  Him to change the direction of our life.

Look up to Jesus, and into eternity.  Humans were made to serve God.

Choose to serve other things and we’ll never feel satisfied.

Choose Jesus!

It’s our choice,  our free will.

Choose to serve Jesus, then give me a sign.

The sign is love.

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