“Mr. Fix-it,” “Mr. Foodtown,” Mr. Fill Up”


I’m a very blessed lady!!

My husband is “Mr. Fix-it”.

He uses superglue, scotch tape, duct tape, or whatever it takes to fix a broken item. He’s a “morning person” (while I most definitely am not!) and if I leave a note attached to the item on the kitchen counter, by the time I get up, it’s fixed as good as new!!

He really spoils me.

He’s also “Mr. FoodTown.”

Even though I’m a retired Home Economics Teacher, and I’ve taught kids all about where our food comes from…I believe food comes from the pantry.  Because while I’m sleeping, my husband (the early
riser!) does the grocery shopping. All it takes is a note on the grocery list for food to materialize in the pantry.

In addition, he can turn the groceries into delicious meals.

Oh, how he spoils me.

Plus “Mr. Fill-Up” keeps my car filled up with gas. Before I even realize I need gas, my tank is filled, what a delightful experience…it’s like a miracle!!

I depend on my husband in his areas of expertise.  He deserves a lot of praise!

And I depend on my Lord for my spiritual needs, because He is the expert with my life.

I come to Him with thanksgiving for who He is and what He means in my life.

For His mercy and compassion.

I have found that God can fix all my problems.

He can provide for all my needs.

He can fill me with His Spirit.  And He deserves all my praise.

He never seems too busy to care for me.  He gets up early and he stays up late.

He will never leave me or forsake me.

He’s the One to depend on.

Jesus is trustworthy and faithful.

We can depend on it.

God gave me my husband who spoils me.

And His Son who spoils me even more.

With You, Lord, the broken pieces of my life are mended and restored.

My food pantry is always full.

You prepared a banquet table for me.

I never hunger or thirst.

All my needs are met, and my Spirit is filled to overflowing.

Use me to show others that they can be spoiled, also, by a Father who loves us, and wants to bless us abundantly.

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