Children’s Christian Fiction, “The Little Star That Couldn’t Shine”


In the Beginning was The Maker, The Light, and The Spirit.  Right away, they decided to make a vast and beautiful universe where everyone would love them, shine for them, and serve them. From nothing, they created their awesome Kingdom of The Light.  Nothing evolved, it was lovingly and purposefully crafted by their own hands according to The Shining Plan of The Maker.

This is the story of how the littlest star in the universe, found The Light and received the gift of The Spirit!

Little Star was playing, because that’s what little stars love to do!  He was flying across the midnight sky twinkling, shining, and racing with his best friend, Little Radiant Star.  Everyone enjoyed the innocence and happiness of the littlest star.

Soon though, Little Star began to think he owned the whole universe.  His pride made him very unkind to others.  He began to lie to his teachers about his homework, and to cheat on tests at school.

This kind of behavior continued until one day, Little Star realized he was not as radiant as the other stars, and he became very sad.

He asked his best friend, “What’s wrong with me, Little Radiant Star?  I don’t shine as brightly as you do.”

Little Radiant Star was just a little star, too. “I don’t know Little Star, but I don’t think worrying will help,” he answered.

“Well, I am worried and you’re not helping!”   Little Star barked.  He was suddenly very jealous of his best friend.  How he wished he could be as dazzling as the other stars.

All this worrying made his light even dimmer.

Little Star didn’t want to tell anyone, but he felt something was missing in his life.  He pretended it was okay to be less sparkling than the other stars.  After all, the other stars, his parents, grandparents, friends, and other family members loved him.  Didn’t they?

What could be the trouble?

Then he wondered, “What if even my faint light goes out?  What if I suddenly can’t shine at all?   What if even the little brightness I have as a star completely goes out?”

Then Little Star started crying, “What purpose is there for a star that can’t shine?”

Little Star felt a deep need in his heart to be a bright shining star, so he began his journey to find out why he couldn’t shine.

Little star approached the wisest star in the sky.

“Wisdom Star,” Little Star cried, “I can’t shine.”

Everyone knows Wisdom Star could illuminate the entire midnight sky with his bright light.   So, full of love and understanding, he asked Little Star, “Do you know the purpose of a star?”

“Yes,” Little Star answered. “We are put in the sky to shine brightly!”

“That’s right, Little Star.  Do you know who made us and why He set us in the sky to shine so brightly?” Wisdom Star

“No, I don’t,” said Little Star sadly.

“Go see Learning Star who can teach you The Truth from the Word of The Maker,” Wisdom Star directed.

Little Star was confused, “I’m just a little star,” he said, “How will I be able to learn so many new lessons? All I know how to do is play, no one will take me seriously.”

“Oh, Learning Star will take you seriously when he sees your sincere wish to know about The Word of The Maker,” said Wisdom Star.

Learning Star was pleased to see how eager Little Star was to learn.  The lessons began right away.

Learning Star explained, “Without the Word of The Maker to lead you to The Light, your light will be lost, Little Star. You must have The Spirit to light your path.”

The Little Star was amazed at what he learned from Learning Star about The Maker, and why He set the stars in the sky to shine so brightly.  He met many wonderful and friendly stars to lead him, help him, teach him, and love him, so he was very happy.  Little Star learned that growing towards The Light will allow your light to grow.  Doing things that keep you in darkness dulls your light.

“I just didn’t know my light could fade so quickly,” Little Star said. “Now, I will always follow The Light so I can shine brightly!”

But, suddenly, one day, out of nowhere, came The Destroyer of The Light to taunt and trick Little Star.  Though Little Star’s Mother had warned him never to play with The Destroyer, he couldn’t help it. The Destroyer didn’t look scary, bad, or evil, but he glittered with a fake light that was blinding, and hiding The Truth from Little Star.  With the fake light in his eyes, he couldn’t see how dark The Destroyer really was.

Little Radiant Star shouted, “Little Star, stop!”

Little Star wouldn’t listen.

Little Star who loved to play forgot that his purpose was to shine for The Light.  He rushed to play in the false blinding light of The Destroyer.  It was so much fun that Little Star never realized he was getting less and less shiny, until one day he felt his light going out.

Horrified, Little Star looked at himself and saw how shadowy his light had become.

He sincerely cried out to The Maker, “Please forgive me for playing The Destroyer’s games. I’ve learned his false light means darkness for me.  Polish me until I shine brightly for You, lead me to The Light and The Spirit, I need Your Light to shine in me!  I know the purpose of my life is to shine brightly with Your love and to serve You.

Only You can save me from The Destroyer’s tricks and his blinding flash.  Help me receive the glowing gift of The Spirit!  Amen!”

Suddenly, the tiny, faint light of Little Star began to glow brightly.  He exploded like fire into the most beautiful, most awesome, most glorious, most far-reaching beacon of light anyone had ever seen in the starry midnight sky!

At once, Little Star heard The Maker’s voice. “You will now be called Shining Bright Star, because you have found out for yourself your purpose.

To shine with The Light!

You will always receive your brightness from The Light. When you are filled with The Spirit, light will overflow from you
to help light the way for others.”

Soon, other stars were coming to Shining Bright Star to learn to shine more brightly.  Shining Bright Star guided them with his brightness to seek The Maker, The Light, and The Spirit.

“You, too, can be a shining star for The Light,” Shining Bright Star taught. “Let Jesus The Light shine through you to others. Be a bright, shining star so God The Maker’s story will be spread to the whole universe, and light the lives of others. You’re not too little to be a shining star for Jesus The Light. Just ask God The Maker to lead you to Jesus The Light and receive The Spirit like I did!  Then your light can lead others to find their bright purpose in life.”

Suddenly, off in the distance, Shining Bright Star saw a shimmering, gleaming light show of shooting stars from Heaven, and knew that God The Maker was well-pleased with the Kingdom of The Light He had created.

At last, Shining Bright Star realized that The Maker has an awesome plan for each of us, and that made him glow very

Will you let your light shine?

The End

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